Can you use chalk paint on glass? (DIY tutorial)

If you are like me, you use to collect glass bottles and jars, then you see them in storage and say to yourself “someday I’m going to decorate them”, then this is the ideal tutorial for you. 

Today is the time to bring them to light and make them a design, because with glass chalk paint (surely you were wondering: Can you use chalk paint on glass? and the answer is yes, you’ll see) the whole process is super easier and faster (I assure you that you will love it!).

Can you use chalk paint on glass

Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about the step-by-step and the few items you need.

Are you excited? Me too! Once painted you can continue decorating them with decoupage, stencils, stickers, stamps, and anything else you can think of.

You can then use them as vases, pens, lamps, and much more.

Well, now we can stop talking and get down to painting!

Can you use chalk paint on glass? (5 easy steps)

As I said, if you are hesitating and think “Can you use chalk paint on glass?”, here in this step-by-step you will discover that it is just right for your glass crafts.

Maybe you already know that you can’t use just any paint to paint on glass, that’s why we tell you about this great chalk paint for glass that will help you get excellent results that will last a lot.  

It’s really a very easy and inexpensive way to make, so I suggest you think about making several crafts and not just one.

I’m sure you’ll get excited quickly and want to use it in many things!

Let’s see the necessary items:

  • Chalk paint (the colors that you like the most)
  • Sponge
  • Extra matte varnish
  • Container
  • Glass bottle (or jar)
  • Alcohol
  • Chamois
  • Drying cloth
  • Elements with which you want to decorate (stickers, photos, etc.)

How to seal chalk paint on glass bottle?

  • Step 1:

    First of all, you have to clean your glass bottles or glasses, try to rinse them with detergent, then dry them well before painting, you can also wipe them with alcohol with a chamois to make them perfectly clean (here also let them dry before starting).

    The good thing about alcohol is that it removes all the grease, and any glue residue if it has labels and will leave them impeccable.

    Once ready, take some paint and put it in a container. Try to calculate the necessary paint and choose the color you want to use as a base for your glass bottle. 
  • Step 2:

    With the sponge (not with a brush, otherwise you will break the glass) you take some paint from the container, and then with small applications or taps you paint the bottle. Here the important thing is to cover the entire bottle and let it dry.
  • Step 3:

    Once you have a whole layer of paint on the surface of the bottle and it is already dry, you pass a layer of paint with the same technique and also let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Step 4:

    When all the paint is dry, you can take care of the design. As I said you can put stickers, make stamps or paint a drawing.

    Remember that everything you apply also has to dry, so once you decorate it, let it rest for a few minutes before you start using your craft.
  • Step 5:

    If you already have your decoration ready, you can apply a coat of extra matte varnish to protect your painting, this will allow it to be permanent and will not flake over time.

 And that’s it, your glass bottle looks fabulous!

The great thing about this chalk paint for glass, is that you can recycle a lot of objects, not only glass.

They can also be boxes or buckets of tin (you only need a background for metals), pots, and many more, as it is a paint that can be used on melamine, veneer, wood and any type of surface.

In addition, this type of paint has the advantage of being easy to apply, you can place it with any element you have, either a roller, brush or even spray gun (it will always depend on the type of tool you use depending on the material of the object you want to paint).

It is environmentally friendly, as it is a water-based paint without toxic or any solvent, moreover you can find them even some ecological certification.

Can be used on any surface, no need to sand before and is odorless, an important detail if you want to use it indoors in your home or spaces without ventilation.

So if you want to use this paint in your crafts it is a fantastic decision!

You can make souvenirs, gifts, and even jars to reuse in your kitchen. You can start a business out of it since it is easy to make and looks super cute, they are in great demand and you can mass produce them at a very low cost. 

You can also renovate your house, paint the walls or fabrics, convert furniture, or simply give a new touch of color to paintings or any decorative object.

Just cheer up and start loving chalk paint on glass.

I wish you can really create amazing things and as always, challenge yourself to the maximum to exploit your creativity! 

This tutorial is meant to encourage you to leave no idea undone and no object undecorated or renovated. 

 I hope that when you think things like “Can you use chalk paint on glass?” it is no longer a doubt, but a certainty of how much you can use it and take advantage of it.  

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Happy crafting! You can do it!