Cricut design space Chromebook (Problem solved)

Maybe you have had problems installing Cricut with your Chromebook, that’s why I will show you how we can install it on your computer.

For that, the first thing we have to be clear about is that sometimes it is difficult to download it through Chromebook (that’s the reason why you have problems installing it) and there are different ways to install depending on the device (they can be for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android).

Today I will show you 2 super easy options of how to do it, one for Windows and one for Android.

You will see that it is not as difficult as it seems and in the blink of an eye, you will have your “Cricut design space Chromebook” ready to use and create!

Let ‘s install! 

Cricut design space Chromebook (1 fast step)

Here I tell you in one step how you need to easily and quickly download and use the Cricut app with Chromebook. 

App Cricut Design Space (for Android)

  • Go to the Chromebook play store and download the Cricut app called “Cricut Design Space”(obviously you must have a Google account to use this play store).

    Then you will see a window that you have to maximize and you are ready to use the app.

    This method is really great because you can use Cricut from your cell phone!

Another option is to download it from the website, I’ll leave you another tutorial so you can do it: 

Cricut laptop requirements (Cricut setup for Windows)

  1. You need to go to “” and create a user on the Cricut page, with its corresponding password, you only need your email, put the data that you are asked for, and finally verify your account as in any app.

    These steps “Cricut design space requirements” are essential for you to download the plugin (otherwise you will not be able to do it), it is also essential to create the design, send it to count, to save it (if we want to continue later) and so on.

  2. Then go to the new project and download the plugin. Once this step is done, you are ready to install it on your computer(Cricut setup).
  3. Open the plugin and click the “Run” button, then click “next“, accept the terms and conditions and finally click “install“.

    Here you wait a few seconds and click “yes” (in the poster that asks you if you want to make changes on your computer) and then “done“.
    And that’s it, you have installed the Cricut plugin. 

  4. You can verify if it is installed by seeing that the “download” sign that used to appear on the Cricut page (Cricut design space requirements) no longer appears. The plugin logo may also appear in the taskbar.

You can also see how to do it the same way by watching this video:

Play Video about Cricut design space Chromebook

You can try both methods and you will see that they work perfectly, neither of them has something different, so you can download your Cricut and use it normally with any of the 2 options.

I hope this tutorial on “Cricut design space Chromebook” has really helped you!

You can also learn how to cancel Cricut Access” by clicking here. 

Happy crafting!