Find out how to cancel Cricut access (Easy DIY)

Many Cricut users would like to know if they need to get access to use Cricut or if it is not really necessary, so today I will answer you directly by showing you “how to cancel Cricut access”.

If you go to the Cricut Access page (on the Cricut website) you will see different paid plans to use Cricut but I can assure you that you do NOT need a Cricut Access subscription to use Cricut Design Space.  

Using this program on your computer is totally free and free on the Apple or Android app so don’t worry.

Let’s see now how to cancel Cricut access!

Find out how to cancel Cricut access (Tutorial 2022)

 As I said before you don’t have to have a subscription to use Cricut Design Space, but what you need to know is that if you want to use the fonts, templates, or files of the app you must have one. 

 Here I show you a step-by-step “how to cancel Cricut subscription” (in case you really want to use it for free).

4 steps to know how to cancel Cricut subscription (Super easy way):

  • Step#1

    Login to your account (on the Cricut website).

  • Step#2

    Click on “My Account” (the person icon) to access your account details.

  • Step#3

    Here you will see several options, so you have to choose “Subscription” and then click on “Cancel“.

  • Step#4

    Then you will receive one last email to verify your password, enter it and your subscription is deleted.

Here you can watch this video to learn more about “How to cancel Cricut subscription”:

If in case you want to delete your account also, in addition to your subscription, you will have to press “Delete account” and then you will receive an email to verify your password (here be careful because once you delete your account you cannot undo this action, so you will have to create a new account if you regret it).

Please note that if you delete your account all your projects, images, etc. will be deleted, you will stop receiving promotional emails from Cricut, you will lose your remaining credit (if any), no refunds will be issued and your subscription to Cricut Access will be canceled. 

Also, don’t forget that Cricut machines require an ID to work, so if you delete your account and want to use your Cricut you will need a new ID to be able to work.

Another detail to keep in mind if you want to know through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android is that you must cancel your subscription directly through these apps, otherwise, you will continue to be charged. 

Now you know how to cancel Cricut access, I hope I have been of help.
See you in the next tutorial! 🙂

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