4 ways how to make glitter to sell for multiple uses

Glitter has become one of the most popular products for all kinds of craft. It can be used for a subtle detail in nail art, or some people can even add glitter in a bucket of paint to give a special touch to their walls.

So, if you are thinking of starting a business almost any crafter can buy supplies from, you’d better start a glitter business! Let’s go ahead and see how to make glitter to sale.

how to make glitter to sell

How is glitter made in factories?

At industrial levels, glitter is made with big rolls of holographic foil plastic are put into special machinery and ripped off into tiny pieces.

They make kilos of glitter powder at once, and according to the different settings, they can make different grain sizes.

glitter fabric

How do you make glitter at home?

There are several different ways you can make your own glitter. Some of them may look more professional than others and may be more suitable for selling, but you can also make some for yourself.

Here are the options:

  • Mix salt and mica powder
  • Dye store-bought white glitter
  • Cut wrapping paper into tiny pieces
  • Use a tiny Cricut design
salt glitter

How to make glitter using salt

If you are making glitter for your own crafts, mixing mica powder and salt can be useful. Choose Epsom salt and colored mica powder to make the glitter of your choice.

This kind of glitter does not exactly have the right texture, so it wouldn’t be suitable for some projects. We recommend using this option in, for example, resin projects. Glitter will be trapped inside and the texture won’t matter so much.

make glitter with wrapping paper

Making glitter with wrapping paper

If you still have some wrapping paper decorations from last Christmas, you can use them for making your own homemade glitter. We have to let you know this option might come out quite flaky instead of powdery as store-bought glitter.

Simply cut the wrapping paper in super thin stripes and cut them through into tiny pieces. Use your scissors to cut randomly through the mass of flakes to make them smaller.

How to make glitter to sell

The following options are, what we think, are the best for selling, as they have a higher probability of always turning out in a good outcome your clients want to get.

Dye your own glitter

This technique does not exactly imply making the glitter, but buying a big bottle of white glitter and dye it whichever color you need.

Buying only one batch of glitter at a wholesale store can save you some money and give you the chance of adapting the product to your needs. You only need to mix it with some alcohol ink and let it dry.

glitter honeycomb with cricut

How to make glitter to sell with Cricut

This is an idea I developed based on some confetti tutorials using Cricut, and I found it the best for the most professional-looking glitter you can make at home.

Download the honeycomb SVG picture by clicking here, and import it into the Cricut design space. Make the pattern as teeny tiny as possible (each hexagon should be less than a millimeter) and repeat it all along the canvas.

You can also make them with shapes like hearts, little stars, crescents, suns, bears, etc.

Have it cut onto a foil sheet and scratch it off the cutting mat and into a container.

Here you can see more methods to make super creative and easy shiny glitter to sell.

So here you have 4 tips for how to make glitter to sell to your customers!