How to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut (2023 DIY)

Today I will show you How to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut as surely it has happened to you to have this type of format (PDF) and not be able to use it on your cutting machine.

But don’t despair as it is a super easy method and you will have your SVG file in no time.  

To give you a little introduction about the SVG format, I could tell you that this type of vector is essential when working with projects with variable sizes, for example in the case of Cricut, where you usually need some freedom to create illustrations of any size.

Let’s see now “how to convert pdf to SVG”!

How to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut (5 easy steps)

SVGs, precisely, are graphics made for the web that contain vector information. This means that the graphics in an SVG file can be resized to any size without any loss of quality.

And because they are made for the web they are easy to share online (you can also load SVG files in your browser, and they will load in the same way as other formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG). 

There are several methods to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut, the most common is to use some image editing software before using your Cricut. There are also free online converters and web pages.

But in today’s case, I prefer to show you how with Adobe’s Illustrator program, since it is a great program to use in everything that is image design and which many professionals in Graphic Design (among others use). 

Now a step-by-step on “how to convert pdf to SVG (convert pdf to SVG for Cricut ) with Adobe’s Illustrator: 

  • Step#1

     Open your PDF in Adobe Illustrator (here you can click on your file and put it open and select the Illustrator program). 

  • Step#2

     If your PDF has unnecessary elements, you can delete them by simply clicking on each one and pressing “Delete“. 

  • Step#3

    When you have the image you want to save ready, go to “File” and there look for “Save as” and click on it. Once the drop-down menu of this option opens, select the “SVG” format and click “Save“. 

  • Step#4

    Now you have to choose from the SVG file options the “SVG 1.1” option. 

    If your illustration has text or title then click on “Convert outline” so that the fonts of your file can be seen and then click on “Embed” if you want to include an external image in a single file. 

  • Step#5

    Finally, press “Ok” and you know how to convert the pdf to SVG for Cricut. 

Your image is now ready to be compatible with your Cricut machine! 

Here you can see a step-by-step “convert pdf to SVG for Cricut with Illustrator.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!  

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Now you know what you can do and you have all the creative potential!

Happy crafting!