How to decorate a plastic flower pot – 2 Easy ideas.

Plastic pots are cheap, but maybe a bit boring to decorate your house with plants and flowers, whether in your garden, indoors or on shelves.

Maybe you have some decorative plant pots that don’t fit well with your home design or you just don’t like them, it’s time to give them a makeover!

If you want to know how to decorate a plastic flower pot, in this article I will give you two ideas to decorate your pots with your own hands and in just a few steps!

How to decorate a plastic flower pot

Flower pot ideas

To start decorating your pots you will need some materials that depend on the decoration style you choose. With a little imagination and resources, you can completely change those decorative flower pots that you have in your house.

Here I will make a list of the materials that we will use in these two ideas but select only the ones that interest you the most.

Read on to learn more about how to decorate a plastic flower pot!

Materials for idea 1: Flower pots with rope

  • Plastic flower pot
  • Flowers or plants
  • Thick rope or scraps of cloth
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Materials for idea 2: Painted flower pots

  • Plastic flower pot
  • Flowers or plants
  • Spray paint (suitable for plastic)

How to decorate a plastic flower pot WITH ROPE

This technique is used to add color and texture to your pot. In this case, I explain the step by step using a hemp or jute rope, but you can replace it with colored ropes or ribbons or even cover the rope with scraps of fabric so that it has different patterns.


  1. Once you have the materials you need ready, it’s time to start decorating.
  2. Start by placing some glue around the base of the pot and gluing the end of the string. Do not cut the rope at the beginning in case you need more than you had thought.
  3. Add more glue and continue gluing the string around the pot. Once you finish the first round, without cutting the rope, continue gluing one round higher than the previous one and continue rolling the rope successively until you reach the entire pot or the height you want to cover.
How to decorate a plastic flower pot WITH ROPE


  • When you have finished covering the bottom of the pot and are gluing the top rounds to cover the sides, be sure to glue the string as close to the bottom row as possible so that the color of the pot does not show through.
  • To hide the end of the rope that covers the pot, you can put glue inside the pot at the top and stick the last centimeter of rope there.
  • Instead, if you haven’t covered the entire pot with string, you can place an ornament such as a small fabric flower or a pretty ribbon bow to cover the trailing end of the string.
  • To realize this idea you can choose to wear gloves that protect you from the heat of the glue to avoid burns. Always handle this type of glue very carefully.

You can see a similar process, but you are going to learn How to make fabric rope baskets by clicking here.

How to decorate a plastic flower pot WITH SPRAY PAINT

Now I will explain how to decorate a plastic flower pot with spray paint in an easy way.

Before starting the tutorial, have all the materials needed for this procedure ready.


  1. The first thing to do is prepare your work area. It is preferable that you do it outdoors, but if this is not possible, do it in a place that is as well ventilated as possible. You should also protect the work surface, you can do with old newspapers or plastic bags.
  2. Once your work area is prepared, you have to clean the plastic pot, because dirt, dust or grease can cause the paint not to adhere properly. Some paint brands may tell you that for better paint adhesion you will need to sand the pot (check instructions before using spray paint).
  3. For your protection, I recommend that you wear protective glasses, a mask and gloves to protect your respiratory tract, skin and eyes.
  4. If you use spray paint, I’ll give you a general guideline for use here, but remember to read and follow your manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  5. Before you start painting, shake the paint can well. Now, to start painting, hold the can about 10 inches from the pot while sweeping from side to side to apply a thin coat of paint to the surface.
  6. Leave the paint on for 15-20 minutes, and then apply a new coat of paint. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary to evenly cover the pot’s surface.
  7. Once the painting process is finished, you can add some spots or lines with a brush in a contrasting color to make it more interesting (optative).

Your plastic pot is ready to be placed in a place where you can show off your own work of art.

How to decorate a plastic flower pot WITH SPRAY PAINT


  • Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your pot.
  • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s directions for use.
  • It is best to paint outdoors, with caution from the wind and dust, but if you can’t, do it in a place that is as well ventilated as possible.
  • Shake the can of paint very well before using it.
  • Apply thin coats of paint, otherwise applying too much paint can leave visible paint drips.
  • Make sure the paint you have is suitable for painting on plastic surfaces.

Decorate your flower pots with few materials!

Now that you know how to decorate a plastic flower pot with few materials and in a short time, you can change the image of your plastic pots so that your favorite indoor or outdoor plants shine in your home.

I hope that these flower pot ideas are useful and inspire you to create new designs, adding more details with other colors of paint or threads of different colors and thicknesses.



Let your imagination fly and get to work!