Can a Cricut Cut Wood – Using the Cricut Maker’s Knife Blade to Cut Wood

For crafters, having a Cricut machine makes their work easier and faster. With the help of a Cricut machine, particularly the brand’s Cricut Maker, you can cut many things from a thin paper to wood!

There are many who ask, “Can a Cricut Cut Wood?” The answer to that is a resounding yes. Cricut Maker’s Knife Blade, which only works with the Cricut Maker, is sturdy enough to cut thicker materials such as wood.

Though you have to purchase the knife Blade separately, you will not waste your money since the blade is very useful in various projects. Moreover, you need to learn how to use the knife blade for it to function properly. But do you know how to? This is our simple guide in using Cricut Maker’s knife blade for wood cutting. Read on and learn more.

How Can a Cricut Cut Wood?

How can a Cricut cut wood? People ask this question often.

As said earlier, the best Cricut machine for wood cutting is the Cricut Maker because it is the only one compatible with the knife blade. The knife blade can cut up to 2.44mm thick. It’ll be easy to chop up some wood, specifically basswood and balsa wood.

Though the Cricut Explore Air can also cut thicker materials and may even cut balsa wood, it does not produce the same high-quality result as the Maker does. However, if you only want to cut natural wood veneer, you can do so with a deep-point blade.

How Can a Cricut Cut Wood: Basswood

Once you get your hand on basswood and start working on it, you’ll realize that it is denser than balsa wood. Due to its smooth and even grain, it is the perfect choice for puzzles, craft models, and little woodcraft boxes.

The knife blade can cut 1/32” and 1/16” thick basswood. The minimum size cut is 0.75” x 0.75”, while the maximum is 10.5” x 23.5”. You have to make sure that the piece of wood is not larger than 11,” or it might damage the blade. For an accurate and precise cut, you need to pass the material over the knife multiple times, especially if your materials are thicker.

Cricut’s Design Space, which is an app or program, allows you to personally design your own project. You can access your files from any device anytime. It is cloud-based and very convenient. Moreover, you can also access their layouts and images if you want to. However, you need to get a monthly subscription first to do so.

The Design Space is a handy app to have since it can tell you the approximate time it takes to Cricut cut wood. The variation of the cut differs on the type of wood you use as well as the size and the design you want. There are times when the wood is not thoroughly cut. When this happens, you can simply press the “C” button to add another cut until you are finished.

When doing your crafts, you need to have a strong grip mat. This is to ensure that your working surface is safe. Moreover, the strong grip mat allows you to work on heavyweight materials such as wood securely.  Nonetheless, you still need to handle the basswood very carefully to avoid any untoward accidents while cutting.

How Can a Cricut Cut Wood: Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is another type of what a Cricut Maker can cut precisely and accurately. While the Maker can only cut two thickness variations for the basswood, it can cut three for balsa wood. You can cut balsa wood with a thickness of 1/32”, 1/16”, and 3/32”. These varying thicknesses allow you to work on more projects.

While technically, the steps in cutting balsa wood are the same as basswood, it is still important to ensure that you work in a safe environment.  We recommend the strong grip mat. Moreover, you need to prepare the balsa wood accordingly and pre-cut it to the size you need for the project.

You must also tape all four edges of the balsa wood to the mat, not over 1” from the corner. All cuts must have at least ¼” distance from the wood’s edge. If it is too close to the edge and the knife blade crosses the edge while cutting, it might result in breakage.

Furthermore, on occasions when edges are rugged after cutting, it means that the blade is already showing signs of wear. You need to replace the blade before doing your final cut to smoothen the edges for the finishing touch.

It is also imperative to check the machine frequently while it is cutting. This is to ensure that the cuts are done correctly. Small pieces that might become stuck in the machine or can jam the machine must be removed during operation.

After Care Tips

Doing crafts is tiring, but always worth it. Once you see your finished product, the satisfaction it brings is very rewarding and makes you feel fulfilled. After the cutting process is done, there are still several things you need to do:

  • Do not remove the mat or cutting board from the machine without checking your cut.
  • Run your fingers between the wood and the mat slowly until you can remove the entire wood from the mat.
  • Clean your workspace; aftercare is important, especially if you have little children in the house.

Now that you know the wonders of the Cricut knife blade when it comes to cutting, you can get yours and start creating your wooden masterpieces! From ornaments to toy models, there are hundreds of things you can do while making use of the Cricut Maker’s cutting prowess. Moreover, you can unleash your inner creativity as well as enjoy a past time that is full of ingenuity and originality.

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