What Does the Cricut Joy Do?

Cricut Joy uses

Crafting has never been more popular. And what’s the best way to get crafting done? With a Cricut Joy! The Cricut Joy is an electronic cutting machine crafters can use to create many different types of designs and projects. In this blog post, we’ll cover the most asked questions crafters have about the Cricut Joy.

Why Cricut Joy?

Helping crafters create crafts is Cricut’s business. They are always looking for ways to help their customers and give them more options that fit their needs. While we crafters know that you simply can’t put a price on the joy of creating, sometimes crafting gets expensive. If you’re just getting started on your road to creating professional and beautiful crafts, you might not be ready to go “all-in” just yet. While you really can’t beat the Cricut Maker 3 and the Cricut Explore 3, these machines might be out of your price range.

That’s where the Cricut Joy comes in. It’s affordable and can do more than most beginning crafters need.

Cricut Joy Uses

The Cricut Joy opens up the world to all types of craft projects. 

Just a few of these are:

The Cricut Joy team writes, cuts, and draws so your only limitation is your creativity. From organizing your entire house to adding your personal touch to almost anything, you can do it. You can get started on projects like labels, decals, and cards right away. There will be endless reasons to organize, personalize, and customize every single day.

Need last-minute cards, labels, and decals? The Cricut Joy’s got you covered. After just a few “learning” projects, you’ll be able to create all these items on the fly. Cricut Joy will quickly become your go-to.

You’ll even be able to decorate entire rooms in your home in no time flat. Using Smart Cricut products you’ll be able to choose a design and have it cut continuous shapes anywhere from 4 – 20 feet. Decorating rooms with borders have never been easier.

What Material Does Cricut Joy Cut?

When Cricut developed the Cricut Joy, they focused on keeping things simple and a more affordable machine. Cricut Joy doesn’t create enough pressure to cut thicker materials like leather, wood or to handle embossing projects. For these types of materials, and to print wider designs, you’ll need a Cricut Maker or Explore.

So what does the Cricut Joy cut?

Oh…just a multitude of things….

The Cricut Joy cuts:

Does Cricut Joy Cut Fabric?

This is a question many crafters ask. Many fabrics are too thin for the Cricut Joy to cut. If you need more power to cut real leather or fabrics, you’ll need a Maker or Explore.

We tell you about a very interesting method to cut fabric and make very nice things with the Cricut explore air 2 by entering this link: ‘What is bonded fabric?

Does Cricut Joy Print?

Cricut Joy can only cut and draw. However, many crafters that are just getting started aren’t limited by this. When needed, these crafters print their images on their home printer (inkjet only) and then use their Cricut Joy to cut out the design. Cricut Joy does not have the “Print and Cut” feature.

Does Cricut Joy Score?

Technically, no. But leave it to creative crafters to find “workarounds.”  To score cards, labels etc. with your Cricut Joy follow these steps:

How to Score with Cricut Joy

  1. In Cricut Design Space, choose “Explore” as your machine.
  2. Place score lines where you want them on your project.
  3. Change the score lines to “draw lines”.
  4. Select the Joy machine again.

What happens is when Design Space instructs you to use a Cricut pen, you will simply insert your scoring stylus instead. In order to know when to insert the stylus, you will need to pick two different colors of pens if you plan to write and score in one project. This will help you keep from getting confused.

Does Cricut Joy Write?

Absolutely! Cricut Joy writes for you so you can happily geek out making all types of projects with many different free and creative fonts. With Cricut Design Space, you’ll get over 400 Cricut fonts. Not all Cricut fonts are free, but you can also use your fonts downloaded to your computer.

If you sign up for Cricut’s premium program, Cricut Access, you’ll get an entire library of graphics and fonts to use with your machine. Because it’s a Cricut program, it has the best Cricut fonts for drawing solid lines.

As you can see, you can use the Cricut Joy app to get started quickly on just about any projects that you need to write.

Here is a video on how to use your Cricut joy:

What Does the Cricut Joy Do?

As you can see, while Cricut Joy doesn’t have all the crafting capabilities of Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3, it has a full repertoire of crafting abilities. So many that you’ll discover there’s no limit to your creativity and the projects and gifts you’ll be able to create. What are you waiting for? Check out Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy Bundles today for the best prices and most affordable way to get started with Cricut cutting.