DIY door hanger – Tips, tutorial and ideas

Have you seen how beautiful the wooden door hangers look? They are a very nice trend for home decoration.

In this article I will show you how to make a DIY door hanger so that it can be seen on your front door, or if you prefer, as a gift for your loved ones.

To do this you will need a piece of wood, a bit of imagination, a desire to decorate and some colors of acrylic or chalk paint.

Let’s get started!

The materials you need for this tutorial are:

  • Round wooden slice
  • Acrylic or chalk paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Rope

Optional Materials:

  • Glue gun
  • Sand paper
  • painter’s tape
  • Cricut Machine
  • vinyl sticker
  • Dried flowers, fabric flowers or decorative ribbons

DIY door hanger

DIY door hanger

This tutorial will be a step by step for you to have reference on round door hanger ideas.

You can customize your own hanger with the phrase that you like the most, make a monogram with your initials, use the colors that best combine with your house, and if you want you can even change the shape and instead of making a round door hanger, you can make a rectangular one, for example.

  • Step 1: Work Space and Materials

    First, gather all the materials you think you’ll need to make your DIY door hanger and set up your workspace.

  • Step 2: Preparing the wood

    It is time to prepare the wood. If necessary, sand or clean your slice of wood. If you think it is not necessary, skip this step.

  • Step 3: Paint

    Once your wood is ready, start painting. Use acrylic paint or chalk paint, both will work well. For this step, use the colors that you like the most and the techniques that you prefer.

    For example, if you only want to paint a section of the wood, you can demarcate it with painter’s tape or you can choose to paint with a sponge, roller or brush.

    Let the paint dry and if necessary paint one more coat. Instead, if you’d like to give the wood an aged look, gently run sandpaper across the surface to wear down the paint.

    Repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the look you want.

  • Step 4: Decoration

    Now it’s time to decorate the wood as you like. Let your imagination fly to create a special and unique door hanger for your home.

    Use as many materials as you like, such as dried flowers, fabric flowers, bows, decorative ribbons, or string.

    You can also incorporate a word or phrase that you like into the decoration. For this you can use your Cricut machine and an adhesive vinyl.

    First, design your phrase with Cricut Design Space or use a template that you like. Next, set up the machine, place the vinyl on the mat, and start cutting. Lastly, use transfer tape to remove the word from the vinyl backing, apply it to the wood and remove the transfer tape.

  • Step 5: Hang

    Finally, it’s time to attach a piece of string to the back to create the pendant.

For this step you have 3 options. Choose the way that works best for you and do it.

  1. Use a framing kit
  2. Use hot glue, nails and hammer
  3. Drill two holes, pass the rope through them and finish with a knot
door hanger

Decorate your front door!

I hope this tutorial with door hanger ideas encourages you to decorate your home by making a DIY door hanger.