3 ways for scissor sharpening (Fast DIY)

Today I will show you 3 tricks for scissor sharpening. Many people don’t know that you can sharpen scissors easily and safely. 

Surely you realized that after a while, your scissors no longer cut and therefore you decide to buy a new one and throw away the one you had (if you take them somewhere to remove the edge you may be charged very expensively). 

That’s why I’ve decided to show you these 3 tricks on how to sharpen your scissors.

Remember that to put your scissors ready to use again, the wear they have must be the minimum (i.e. they should not be broken or too rusty). 

Let’s see now how to sharpen scissors(scissor sharpening)! 

how to sharpen scissors

3 ways for scissor sharpening (Easy Fast DIY) 

Usually when you want to sharpen scissors and you want to know how to sharpen scissors with a knife sharpener, what they use is a tool called a grinder that is used for different types of materials such as iron. 

But do not worry, because as I have advanced you with these tips, you can do it yourself in a super easy and careful way. 

There are many techniques you can try but I have selected for you the best and easiest ways to sharpen your scissors.You can do it with materials you have in your own home such as: sandpaper,aluminum foil,a pumice stone or a cup.

You’ll actually find that it’s super easy to do, so you won’t have to get rid of any scissors you consider old!  

Give your scissors a second chance and try it with pieces of fabric that you no longer use (or other materials such as paper and cardboard).

Let’s see what we need for “sharpening scissors“: 

Option 1: How to sharpen scissors at home with sandpaper.

Essential materials:

  • Sandpaper #280
  • A piece of cloth

The essential thing is that your sandpaper is neither too thin nor too thick, so you can work better, you can get it at any hardware store, so make sure you find the number 280.

Now a step-by-step on how to sharpen scissors(don’t miss any detail, you will learn a lot!):  

  • Step#1

    The first thing you should do is test your scissors by cutting a piece of fabric. This way you can check what state they are in before sharpening.

  • Step#2

    Once you know how they are, take the sandpaper and start making parallel cuts on one side, then reverse the scissors and make other cuts on the other side (this way you sharpen it on both sides). 

  • Step #3

    When you are done, you can take a piece of fabric again and check if your scissors are cut perfectly.

Option 2: Sharpening scissors with a steel needle.

Essential materials:

  • A steel needle (can be a machine sewing needle).
  • A piece of fabric

  • Step#1

    You take the piece of fabric and try to cut it with your scissors (you should always check what your scissors can cut, to know what force you will apply).
  • Step#2

    Now take the steel needle with one hand and with the scissors try to cut it and then slide it upwards. this process should be done several times on one side and then you reverse the scissors and do the same on the other side.
  • Step#3

    When you are done cutting, you take the piece of fabric and check if the scissors are ready to cut.
sharpen scissors using a mug

Option 3: How to sharpen scissors at home with a cup.

Essential Materials: 

  • A ceramic mug (preferably glazed on the surface).
  • A piece of cloth.


  • Step#1

    You take your mug with one hand and with the other hand try to cut it as if it were a piece of fabric (ideally you should try to cut it and slide the scissors out). 

    Try to apply some force but always be careful not to cut yourself. 
  • Step #2

    When you are done on one side of the scissors, reverse the scissors and repeat the process on the other side.
  • Step #3

    Remember to take a piece of cloth and check that your scissors are cutting normally (if you don’t have a piece of cloth you can use a piece of paper).

how to sharpen scissors with stone:

Another technique is to do it with a stone, for that you should put the edge of the scissors at 45ª degrees and rub the rough side of the stone on each side several times. Remember to place the stone parallel to the edge and just a little slanted so you don’t spoil your scissors. 

Then repeat the process with the smooth area of the stone and work over the entire tip area carefully and try to avoid putting too much pressure. 

Finally, you reverse your scissors and repeat the whole process. 

When you are done they are ready to cut!

sharpen scissors with foil

Finally, if you don’t have 280 sandpaper you can do it with aluminum foil, for that all you have to do is fold the aluminum foil in several parts and then cut it just like the sandpaper.

Here you can watch a video with more techniques about how to sharpen scissors at home:

Whichever option you choose, always try to be very careful not to cut yourself, remember that you are working with scissors so it is necessary to be attentive and concentrated to avoid accidents.

They really are very easy methods to do at home, since you don’t need any rare elements and you don’t have to buy anything expensive.

I hope you are encouraged to try these techniques and that they have been of great help!  

Put them into practice and choose the technique that is most comfortable for you!

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Enjoy your own work and your great creations!

Happy Crafts!

You can always do it! You know it! 🙂