How to make a perfect fancy bow

perfect fancy bow

You have a birthday and you already have everything ready except your fancy bow, don’t worry because, today I will show you the best way to make one in a short time! 

With this technique, you can make as many as you want and surprise with your gift! 

I’m sure you will love to create them and maybe you will discover a new hobby!

Let’s get to work! Let’s discover how to make a bow! 

How to make a perfect fancy bow (Best tutorial 2022)  

This tutorial is really ideal if you are a beginner with fancy bows, because you don’t have to do anything too complicated and you don’t need to buy anything expensive. 

Let’s just see what you need for this “tying a bow”:

fancy bow

Essential materials: 

  • 4 meters of ribbon (2 cm wide)
  • A roll of cardboard toilet paper
  • Scissors
  • Step#1

    The first thing you need to do is to flatten the cardboard roll (it should look like a flat rectangle) and roll up the ribbon, taking about two centimeters with your finger at the top. 

    Try to roll the ribbon all the way around from the top of the cardboard to the bottom. 
  • Step#2

    Once you have all the ribbon rolled up, take the top part and make a cut in the shape of an inverted “v” (it will look like a triangle or triangular point).

    Then repeat the process but on the other side of the rolled ribbon.
  • Step#3

    Now divide the ribbon in half and calculate about ¾ of one side, when you have it separated cut upwards of about 3 cm (try to make the cut close to the edges) and then repeat the process with the other half of the ribbon.
  • Step#4

    You can repeat the cuts from the previous step on the inner sides of the ribbon.

    Then take the two triangular ends and join them together in the middle. You can cut a little more ribbon to make a knot, fasten them together or tape them together (the idea is to keep them together and hold them in place). 

    What you will be left with is like a big bow.
  • Step #5

    Now you are going to hold the bow with one hand and with the ring finger of the other hand, you will take out layer by layer inside the bow, turn it, and put one on one side and then another on the other (it will be like making petals of a flower).
  • Step #6

    If you have some that are too low, you can do the same technique above and turn them upwards.

And that’s it, you have beautiful fancy bows! 

Here is a step-by-step guide on “how to tie a fancy bow” so you don’t miss any details: 

Play Video about fancy bow

I hope you enjoyed this fancy bow tutorial as much as I did! 

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See you in the next step-by-step on how to make a pom pom for a hat!

Happy crafting! 

You can do it! 😉