DIY t shirt cutting ideas no sew (Super easy ideas)

Today we will see how to recycle your t-shirts using only a pair of scissors. In this super easy and fun method (DIY t shirt cutting ideas no sew) you don’t need to sew and spend hours making your textile designs, you only need your imagination and creativity.

Let’s see some ways to “step by step t shirt cutting DIY”(shirt cutting ideas easy tutorial) :

DIY t shirt cutting ideas no sew

diy t shirt cutting ideas no sew

Essential materials: 

  • Scissors
  • Cotton (and polyester) T-shirts

Some ways to cut a shirt:

*First of all, keep in mind that you will need your scissors to be very sharp. If not, don’t worry because we’ll tell you how to do it by clicking here: ‘3 ways for scissor sharpening (Fast DIY)‘. 😉

Option 1: Muscle shirt with fringe

  • Step#1

    Place your cotton t-shirt completely stretched out on a table, and with the scissors (sharp) start cutting and trimming the neckline in a semicircle( try to leave a gap of about 5 cm from the neck to the shoulder before you start cutting). 
  • Step#2

    Take the sleeve part of the shirt and cut it to where the seam ends. Here you should also leave about 5 or 6 cm before cutting the sleeve (the idea is that your sleeve is narrow like the sleeve of a muscle shirt).

    Also, follow the seam allowance of the sleeve of the t-shirt to be neater.
  • Step#3

    Then, take the bottom edge of the shirt where the seam is (the bottom) and cut it straight across.

    Then make a straight line on the 3 ⁄ 4 part of your t-shirt and cut it into equal vertical strips, generating a kind of bangs. 

    Finally, you stretch each fringe with your hand and then tie a few knots with each of them where the base of your fringe would be. 

    Now you will get a super cool muscle shirt with bangs!

Option 2: V-neck T-shirt

  • Step#1

    Stretch your t-shirt on a table and cut the neckline in a V-shape. Here you can leave only 2 cm from the edge of the neckline.

    You can make the V cut as long as you want, just be warned that if you make the V too long, your neckline will be bigger.  

    If you want you can also cut the bottom seam of your shirt and you will have a top with a neckline.

Option 3: Strapless back neckline top

  • Step#1

    Place your shirt upside down on the table and mark a large rectangle in the center. Then, take your scissors and start cutting the whole rectangle into equal horizontal strips. 

    Also, with the help of your hand, you can stretch the strips and if you want to make a knot between them to create a design. 

    You can make the rectangle as big as you want and mark it with a pencil or chalk so that it is not noticeable (the idea of marking is that you have the lines as a guide and it will be neater).

Here you can see a super easy “step by step t shirt cut DIY” tutorial:

The great thing about these types of t-shirts is that when you cut them they don’t fray, so you can make all the cuts and decorations you want without fear of ruining them.

I hope this super easy tutorial on ways to cut a shirt (“diy t shirt cutting ideas no sew”) has really helped and inspired you!

Go ahead and create! 

See you in the next step by step 

Happy Crafts!