how to thread a bobbin in 4 easy steps

Maybe it’s your first time using a sewing machine and you’re a little scared, so today I’ll tell you the easiest method of “how to thread a bobbin in 4 easy steps”. 

Rest assured, because it’s super easy to do and you’ll master it in no time! 

Join me to learn more about a sewing machine bobbin!

how to thread a bobbin

how to thread a bobbin in 4 easy steps (2022 DIY)

Let’s first see what you need for ”how to thread bobbin”

Essential materials: 

  • Spool of thread
  • Scissors

Now, steps to know how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine:

  • Step#1

    The first thing you need to do is to take some thread off your spool and place it on the top of your machine (some machines have a stick on vertically and others horizontally). 

  • Step#2

    Once you have it in place, you put the lock on it, which allows the thread to rotate without it moving or coming off. 

  • Step#3

    Now you pass the thread through a kind of small hook (which is also at the top), then you turn it through a circular metal piece and finally you pass the thread through some holes in your plastic bobbin.

    Then you insert the bobbin into a metal cylinder (which would be its support) and turn it clockwise until you hear a “click” (this means that the bobbin has stopped). This way your coil is locked and this helps you to keep the needle from going up and down in this process.

  • Step#4

    When you have the bobbin ready, check that the thread can run well. Then you take the end of the thread with one hand, put it up, and turn on your machine to fill the bobbin a little at a time (here try not to give too much speed to the thread, otherwise it could tangle the thread).

    When you have 2 or 3 turns of thread around the bobbin, you can cut the thread so that it doesn’t tangle anymore.  

And now you know “how to thread bobbin“!

Here you can see a tutorial about a sewing machine bobbin and “how to Wind a bobbin”: 

Always be very careful to always check that your thread does not get tangled in the bobbin. 

When it reaches the maximum (when it is full), place the bobbin on the left side (remember that you had left it on the right in the previous step), then you can cut the thread and you will have a full bobbin.

In case you want to know “how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine”, you must remove the metal cover ( that it’s under the needle of your machine), insert the bobbin, and hook the thread in some metal teeth that are there.

I hope this tutorial on “how to thread a bobbin” has been very useful and practical for you! 

It is really very easy to do, but if you are not sure you can also check the instructions of your machine.

I hope you can sew as many garments as you want! 

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Happy Crafts!