How to Use Cricut Transfer Tape – The Ultimate Guide

Application tape, sometimes referred to as transfer tape, is a paper or plastic film that can be applied on top of a sticker or vinyl piece to make it simpler to apply the sticker. The installer can precisely place the sticker on the substrate using transfer tape to mark the location.

The word “substrate” refers to the surface that a sticker is applied to, such as a window, car door, plastic sign, or whatever else you want. Transfer tape comes in various forms, including paper, plastic, rolls, and sheets. Before using, it is important to know how to use Cricut transfer tape, which will be explained in detail.

What Is Cricut Transfer Tape?

Cricut Transfer Tape was created to make it simple to transfer vinyl patterns to vinyl project surfaces. It is easy to arrange your vinyl design exactly where you want it due to the clear film’s grid. You need cut, weeded, transfer-ready vinyl, strong grip transfer tape, and other burnishing tools, such as a scraper material or some light materials like cotton.

How to use Cricut Transfer Tape on the Surface?

Cricut tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces. These are the steps you need to follow to understand how to use the tape:

Step 1

Peel the liner from the transfer tape to make a piece of transfer tape.

Step 2

While you finalize the design in the Cricut Design Space for the Cricut machine, attach the small area of transfer tape. It can either be on one of the ends or at the center of the design on flat or curved surfaces.

Step 3

To burnish the transfer tape on your design using a scraper, you must work outward from the small areas where you attached it.

Step 4

Burnish the backside after turning your vinyl over.

How Many Types of Transfer Tapes are There?

There are two types of transfer tape – standard and strong grip. The standard version works great for most applications, but glitter vinyl requires a firm hold. To grip the surface, you need added strength. Therefore, use a strong grip transfer tape if you have a difficult time removing extra vinyl from the backing sheet. This is mainly seen with glass vinyl & glossy vinyl.

Where can Cricut Transfer Tape be Used?

Cricut Transfer Tape was created to make it simple to transfer vinyl patterns to project surfaces. It is a simple item to arrange your design exactly where you want it due to the clear film’s grid. Most vinyl varieties, especially those with a smooth, untextured finish, are suitable for this process.

Almost any surface can be treated with it. It is designed to work with most Cricut Smart Vinyl options, including Metallic, Patterned, Holographic, Holographic Sparkle, and Holographic Matte.

There is a visible pattern on this transfer tape – it works with all cutting models made by Cricut. Cricut tape can be used on a bunch of items apart from the Cricut machines like decor items, essential items, and holiday items.

Cricut Transfer Tape

What is the Benefit of Using Cricut Transfer Tape?

Transferring vinyl patterns to project surfaces is a breeze due to Cricut Transfer Tape. Positioning your design exactly where you want it is simple, due to the clear film’s grid.

Strong grip transfer tape is an alternative to the normal transfer tape. Heavy vinyl, especially glitter vinyl, is designed to operate with a strong grip. You should use the common transfer tape for vinyl in most cases.

Customer Reviews of Cricut Transfer Tape

The Cricut transfer tape has fabulous reviews received by customers. Customers have provided it with a rating of 4.1 on Amazon, which reflects that they highly recommend this product.

Most customers have commented that Cricut transfer tape is very easy to use and also conveniently transfers to everything with a strong grip. Additionally, some customers commented that Cricut transfer tape is affordable and performs very well.

One customer mentioned that they faced problems while using transfer tapes from other brands. She also used many tricks to transfer designs from transfer tapes to mugs or any other product, but unfortunately, she always failed.

When she switched to the Cricut transfer tape, it immediately worked. She never failed to use the Cricut transfer tape properly, which made her project very simple.

Another customer struggled with cut-out vinyl transfer using the standard circuit tape. Later she tried Cricut transfer tape and suggested to everyone that it is the must-have product for crafters.


Do you mirror excess vinyl when using transfer tape?

The vinyl is applied to the transfer tape, the paper backing is peeled off and placed on the project surface. Because it functions similarly to a sticker, there is no need to mirror the image when creating a project with permanent or removable vinyl.

What is the easiest way to peel Cricut transfer tape?

Burnish the design onto your surface with a Scraper tool, working outward from where you attached the small area. Remove transfer tape from the design. Take your time. If the vinyl peels up while using Transfer Tape, simply burnish the transfer tape and vinyl back down to the project surface before peeling away.

Why is my vinyl not coming off the transfer tape?

If your vinyl is not releasing from the transfer tape, the transfer tape may be too sticky! If it’s too sticky, the vinyl will adhere to the tape regardless of the surface to which it’s applied. Use a different, less sticky tape. Another thing you can do is de-stick your tape.

Do you iron Cricut transfer tape?

Because the traditional plastic sheet is already bonded to the iron on vinyl, there is no need for transfer tape when using Cricut Iron-On Vinyl.


Cricut transfer tape is an amazing product, and if you are a crafter, it is a product you must have. This tape is easy to use, affordable and works very well. At the same time, you must know how to use Cricut transfer tape to use it properly. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this product immediately!

Make sure to get out there and take advantage of your Cricut maker!