How to Unweld in Cricut

How to Unweld in Cricut

This blog post is going to teach you how to unweld in Cricut. A lot of people ask how to unweld something in Cricut Design Space. The short answer is, there is actually no function to unweld. You can’t take an image that is welded together and press a button that says “unweld” to separate the images or letters. Such a function does not exist in Cricut Design Space.

When you weld something together in Design Space, it permanently fuses the text or image together. Because of this, it is first important to decipher when to actually use the weld function so that you save yourself a lot of headaches when trying to unweld. You should only be welding things together when you want them to be.

This video shows that you can’t really unweld in cricut, but there is a hide contour option, continue reading below the video to learn more:

How to Unweld in Cricut Design Space:

Let’s talk about how to unweld on Cricut. Like I mentioned above, there is no “unweld” button. But there are a few things you can do to unweld text or images. Here is one way for how to unweld on Cricut Design Space…

If welding was the LAST function you chose, you can always hit the back arrow. This is an “undo” button and will work for anything that you want to undo. So this is particularly helpful for the weld feature since it’s one of the only ways to undo something.

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But what if you are way past welding as your last step, and the “undo” button would not work, then what would you do? There are two other options for how to “unweld” in Cricut Design space…

  1. ALWAYS make a duplicate copy of your original text or image before beginning to turn it into something else. This will save you so many steps. Once you start the project, just make a duplicate right away before beginning to weld, attach, group, or anything!
  2. You can Save the project before you begin really working on it. This will save the original project as a template on the home screen, which you can always go back to if needed.

Those are going to be your best bets for trying to unweld something in Cricut Design Space. I often hear how annoying it is that there is not an “unweld” function and I totally get it. But, you have to sort of think of it like adding toppings onto a pizza. You can remove them pretty easily before you stick that pizza in the oven. But after everything has cooked and is melted together, it becomes nearly impossible to remove the topping you no longer want.

Once you get into the habit of automatically using one of the hacks above before doing something permanent to one of your projects, it will become a lot easier. And you will be an “unwelding” pro in no time.

If you haven’t already read our blog post on how to weld in Cricut Design Space. And if you want even more information, there is a great Youtube tutorial here. 

I hope this blog post helped you to understand how to unweld in Cricut.

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