Top 5 best transfer tape for vinyl

Personalizing your home and your personal belongings might be one of the most rewarding effects of handcrafts. With a Cricut cutting machine, you can create the most beautiful designs for stickers and decals and stick them around your house.

You can also learn how to cut vinyl on Cricut by clicking here.

To get the best results, we recommend using a transfer tape to peel the vinyl piece from the backing paper to later stick it somewhere else, instead of doing it by hand, which can end up in poor results or broken pieces.

However, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best material for your custom creations. That’s why we have created a top-5 compilation for you to know what is the best transfer tape for vinyl projects.

FYI, all the options we have chosen are completely clear, as we think this is the best for having a correct placement and measurement of the transfer tape on the vinyl.

Let’s have a look!

This option is the best if you are planning to make lots of vinyl projects as it only comes in 50 ft or 100 ft rolls. It is recommended by many users as the best transfer tape due to its medium tackiness that peels the vinyl off the base paper easily but doesn’t leave any residue after setting the piece on the desired surface.

Though it may be a disadvantage for some, this tape doesn’t have a backing paper, which can be useful for measuring the amount of product you need for each project.

This option might be best if you starting a business selling your decals, as it has the lowest value for money you can find on Amazon, and it comes with regular and premium tack. You can find this product here.

In case you are starting to find out about the vinyl universe, the Silhouette transfer tape is a good option, as it comes in a small roll you can use for testing whether you like these kinds of craft or not.

Once you have decided that, of course, you want to continue experimenting with projects of this type, you can choose any of the other articles in this list, which contain more material to work with.

Besides, being the tape produced by Silhouette, one of the most popular vinyl cutting machines, together with Cricut, it is the best transfer tape for Oracal 651 or any other model of vinyl sheets. The value for money may not be as low as Frisco’s but it’s cheap enough to give it a try and judge by yourself. Get it here.

 Just like Silhouette, Cricut is one of the manufacturers who make everything for your vinyl projects from beginning to ending. It is usually said in the crafts world that, if you need to use several products, you better buy all of them from the same manufacturer, as they are probably more compatible than mixed brands.

That’s why this is the best transfer tape for Cricut vinyl. Besides, you can find different version of this product, as it comes in many different sizes and you can find the Standard grip or the Strong grip tape, in case you are using thicker vinyl.

Costumers say this is the best transfer tape for glitter vinyl, as it has a strong but gentle grip. You can find all the different versions of this tape here.

As you can see, all the options this top 5 for the best vinyl transfer tape are great, but they are particularly good for different reasons. Craftopia’s transfer tape is attractive for being easy to use in its several options.

It comes in different sizes, but you can also find it both in rolls or in pre-cut sheets, which can be quite convenient if you don’t want to deal with the unrolling and measuring process. This can be the best transfer tape for car decals, as sheets can lay completely flat, but maybe a piece of tape cut from the roll may be quite curved and make it harder to place correctly on the metal surface.

Besides, it comes with a little felt squeegee for rubbing your vinyl on the final surface. Here you can find both options.

After doing quite a lot of research, we have decided that the Rizee tape is the best transfer tape for vinyl although it may not be the most popular option on the list.

We consider it so because of its top versatility. You can use it with any kind of vinyl, and some even consider it the best transfer tape for holographic vinyl or glitter vinyl, even though they are some of the most difficult materials to use for your creations.

This tape has a medium flexibility, which helps you to manipulate it easily, and it is also sticky enough to being reusable without leaving residue on the vinyl or tearing it apart. The best part is it has one of the lowest prices for value on the market, and you can find it here.

Having reached the end of this top 5, we hope you can make a decision about what is the best transfer tape for vinyl to use in your projects. As said before, all the options above are great for different purposes, so keep in mind what kind of piece you want to create next to choose the transfer tape that better suits your needs.

Of course, there many other options out there that may not be as popular or well-known, but these are the brands that we have rendered as the best ones due to the versality they have, their price and most importantly the technical features that make them all great to use for both beginners and advanced users of vinyl cutting machines.

We hope you enjoyed this tour along the best transfer tape for vinyl as much as we did and that your future projects come out perfectly. Happy crafting!