How to Make Shirts with Cricut Makers – An Informative Guide

The “t-shirt” is the one article of clothing that is always in style. They have long ruled the fashion scene and are beloved by people of all ages, whether they are body-hugging, graphic, or simple large t-shirts.

There are different types of prints done on t-shirts, which are also known as custom shirts, that are currently trendy. One of the best companies in the market for printing t-shirts at home is Cricut, which has lots of features so you can customize shirts however you wish.

You may be wondering how to make shirts with Cricut makers. So, in further discussion, we explain the steps for you to take!

How to Make Shirts with Cricut Makers?

To make t-shirts with a Cricut maker it is essential to know how to design shirts with Cricut Design Space and print them using the Cricut maker tool. Below we lay out the process of designing and creating your custom t-shirt.

Step 1: Designing the Shirt with Cricut Design Space

You can either create or upload the design for your custom shirt. With a Cricut Access membership, the Design Space library provides a lot of ready-made designs for iron-on shirts.

In Cricut Design space, choose a pre-made vinyl design file or develop an entire design from scratch in the design app. You can even upload any image in the SVG file which is design tool compatible.

This software gives you a wide scope of designing anything from simple, one-color designs to the latest trends. This software definitely gives you the liberty to come up with different intricate designs.

Once you are satisfied with your design, finalize the image in Cricut’s Design Space for your special type of Cricut t-shirt. To continue to cut, adhere to the instructions. When using iron-on, choose “mirror” on the cut screen.

Step 2: Understanding the Process to Cut Iron-on Vinyl

Heat Transfer T Shirt Printing

Place the Vinyl on the cutting mat. Next, use a brayer tool to roll the vinyl out with gentle to medium pressure so that it is a flat surface and is firmly glued to the mat or the cover sheet.

The two sides of iron-on vinyl, the dull one and the shiny one, are not equally appealing. It has a plastic backing sheet, and it is glossy on one side, which in turn makes it a heat-transferable process for keeping the material warm.

Keep in mind that the vinyl’s glossy side should lie down. In this method, the vinyl may be cut by the Cricut machine without damaging the transparent plastic backing sheet. Please take into account that patterned vinyl is often applied with the design facing down with a plastic transfer sheet. Even heat-resistant tape of compact size can be used to control the heat settings.

Click the button once you place the mat. After that, you may email the design file to your Cricut. Return to Cricut Design Space on your PC. Then, the Cricut machine will receive the file.

The steps are listed below:

To proceed, use the “Make it” button in the upper right corner. Turn on “Mirror” by toggling it on the subsequent Prepare screen. Always remember to reverse your iron pattern before cutting! Follow that up with a click on the Continue button.

Choose your starting material on the subsequent Make screen. Make your selection from the Popular category and pick Everyday Iron-On. Select Browse All Materials if you’re interested in finding more vinyl options.

Please note that in order to access the drop-down options on a Cricut Explore, you must switch the disc to the custom setting to judge the exact sizes as well as the cutting size of the T-shirt sizes.

Selecting iron-on as the material will prompt Cricut Design Space to double-check that Mirror is activated. Apart from this, the correct time for the process should also be checked. If a wrong time is marked, then the desired results will be missed.

When that’s done, you may begin carving the pattern. When ready, press the blinking Go button to begin cutting with the electronic cutting machine.

Step 3: How to weed the design?

After cutting, unload your material and trim any extra iron-on from the borders of the letters. This procedure is known as “weeding.”

The following process describes weeding, or cutting away, the excess pieces of fabric that won’t be used in the final design.

To remove the surplus vinyl, you should begin in a corner, using the hook-shaped weeding tool.

To remove the excess vinyl off the plastic carrier sheet, just use your hand.

Once the bigger pieces have been culled, you may go back through with tweezers or other similarly sized instruments to remove the remaining debris. It may take some time to sift out those intricate patterns.

Step 4: Apply Iron-on Vinyl

A heat press is enough for this process. You can get the greatest results by pressing for the recommended time and temperature specified in the heat guide.

There are different types of irons you can use. If you want to use a household iron to iron on vinyl, then you must be careful as it is quite complicated, and you may face some problems.

What are the Best Materials to Use?

For the finest results, select a high-quality cotton shirt with a smooth texture. These cotton tees are incredibly comfortable and delicate to the touch.

Shirts made from nylon, Tencel, or bamboo are fine substitutes for cotton, but cotton is still my preference. Make sure they can survive the high temperatures generated by the press. Unlike regular craft vinyl, iron-on vinyl can be adhered to its target surface by applying heat. The heat from an iron press causes iron-on vinyl to permanently adhere to clothing or other materials.


What Cricut material do you use for T-shirts?

Cricut iron-on is the best material that can be used for T-shirts.

How long does Cricut Vinyl last on shirts?

Cricut Vinyl lasts on Shirts for up to 50 washes.

What material is best for T-shirt printing?

Using 100% cotton material is best for T-shirt printing.

Which Cricut iron is best for shirts?

Cricut iron-on is the best for shirts as it lasts for 50 washes.


If you are interested in making trendy t-shirts for you and your close friends, then Cricut makers are the best for you. You need to learn how to make shirts with Cricut makers, after which you can make many trendy patterns!