Which are the pens that work with Cricut maker without adapter?

pens that work with Cricut Maker without adapter

Cricuts are wonderful machines used for cutting many different kinds of materials for crafts. You can cut anything from paper to sticker sheets, vinyl and even thin wood or leather. There are several Cricut options to choose from, and each of them has their own specific functions. For example, the most useful Cricut might be […]

The best DIY guitar pick (Fast tutorial)

DIY guitar pick

Today I will show you the best DIY guitar pick to make your own picks, in a very easy way, so you will have a lot of them (in case you lose them easily ) and you can play your guitar wherever you are.  Also if you like to recycle, this is a perfect tutorial […]

How to make cake topper with Cricut (free SVG)

How to make cake topper with cricut

Cricut cake topper are a trend in cake decorating. They add an easy, personalized touch to every cake for any birthday or celebration. If you want to learn how to make cake topper with Cricut, in this article I will share with you a step-by-step tutorial so you can create your own at home, also […]

Nail decals DIY (Best Cricut tutorial)

nail decals diy

Today I will show you the best nail decals DIY to decorate your nails in a very easy and fun way. You can create all the designs you have in mind and play with the color combinations and shapes you like the most. Join me to see the Cricut nail decals tutorial! Nail decals diy […]

How to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut (2023 DIY)

convert pdf to SVG for Cricut

Today I will show you How to convert pdf to SVG for Cricut as surely it has happened to you to have this type of format (PDF) and not be able to use it on your cutting machine. But don’t despair as it is a super easy method and you will have your SVG file […]

Find out how to cancel Cricut access (Easy DIY)

how to cancel Cricut access

Many Cricut users would like to know if they need to get access to use Cricut or if it is not really necessary, so today I will answer you directly by showing you “how to cancel Cricut access”. If you go to the Cricut Access page (on the Cricut website) you will see different paid […]

How to make a monogram on the Cricut Design Space

how to make a monogram

If you want to start selling your own products to make a small business, one of the first things you need to keep in mind is branding. This concept refers to the graphic features that represent your own brand. These can be colors, lettering and especially, the name and the logo of your business. These […]

How to make wooden bookmarks with a Cricut Maker

wooden bookmarks

There are thousands of different options you can choose from to make wonderful gifts for your friends and family, or in case you want to make a living with a small business. And you can use your Cricut to make this task easier and faster, especially when making lots of them! Today, we bring you […]

How to make your own stencil material with Cricut (Best tutorial)

stencil material

This time I am going to show you how to create your own stencil material with Cricut using your machine. The interesting thing about stencils is that you can decorate objects, walls and papers very easily with paints, pastes, or sprays, so you can let your imagination run wild and create amazing designs. It really […]

The best Cricut graduation ideas (DIY 2023)

Cricut graduation ideas

Surely you want your graduation (or that of a loved one) to be a special and emotional moment since it is the end of a great stage of your life and the beginning of an even more important one like the start of a career at a university or a job. That’s why in this […]