How to make your own stencil material with Cricut (Best tutorial)

This time I am going to show you how to create your own stencil material with Cricut using your machine.

The interesting thing about stencils is that you can decorate objects, walls and papers very easily with paints, pastes, or sprays, so you can let your imagination run wild and create amazing designs.

It really is a super easy and fun technique to decorate so I recommend it.The great thing about Cricut is that you can use images downloaded from the internet or create your own design.

You can also cut any material and design it to the size you want, always keeping in mind that for the material, it is essential that it is a little hard so it does not bend when you pass the paint. 

You can get a “Cricut stencil” which is made of vinyl and you can buy it on Amazon or eBay. Its color is white or transparent, so you can use any color you want.

You could also use acetate sheets that come in different thicknesses (my recommendation is to look for one that is not consistent but not too rigid so that it can be cut by the Cricut).

Now let ‘s create! 

How to make your own stencil material (DIY Cricut).

In case you don’t know, the stencil is a technique for stamping letters, drawings, and shapes, that is, through the use of a stencil.

Such a stencil encompasses a repetition of the chosen graphic motifs created as well as a particular design or sort of shape pattern.

The stencil technique consists of the following: the stencil is placed on a surface that can be wood, a wall, a textile, etc. Then you apply layers of paint to the stencil and when you remove it you can see that the drawings or shapes are left on the surface. 

It is really a very easy and fun method to do, and that is why many artists often use it in different types of works. It is also a technique widely used in street art, so we will always see some walls decorated with stencil graffiti in the streets of any city.

There are also two types of the stencil, it can be industrialized or it can be homemade, in which case a drawing is first made on the sheet, and then it is cut with the help of a cutter or a machine like the Cricut. Once the cut is made on the sheet, it will be created as a stencil for stenciling or stamping.

You can use different types of paint and this will depend on both the purpose and aesthetics of the stencil you have in mind. For example, in the street stencil, you normally use aerosol or spray paint and in decoration, you can use another type of paint such as acrylic.

You are probably already eager to know how to make a stencil with Cricut so let’s get to the materials we need to get started.

Essential materials:

  • Vinyl Cricut stencil sheets
  • Acetate sheets

Now a step by step of how to make stencils with Cricut (3 different ways) 

Way 1:

  • Step1#

     As a first step you go to the Design space of Cricut and choose a shape. it can be a rectangle, circle, or whatever you want. Then you take other shapes and forms(can be hearts or flowers)and you go join them according to the design you have in mind.

    The important thing here is that they are connected to leave just the right spaces or gaps where the paint effect will create details. 

  • Step#2

    Join the design with a rectangle and press “Slice” and your stencil will be ready when you remove the first joined drawing (the drawing will have cut your rectangle, creating the stencil).


  • Step #1

    Another way to do this is to have your design full of shapes ready and add a frame-like shape to it as well.

    What is different about this method is that when, for example, you choose a design that is full of circles of different sizes, here what will happen is that you may not be able to use the “Slice” function at first, so you will have to press “Ungroup” and select a circle and the square or shape that surrounds it and then press the “slice” function.

    This process will have to be repeated circle by circle, so it may take too long. 

Way 3:

  • Step#1

    Finally, you already know that you can choose a lot of shapes in Cricut, so you can use the preset ones and cut them out. 

    The nice thing about this feature is that you can choose the shape or figure you like the most and just repeat them as many times as you want (obviously this will always depend on the size of the stencil you want to create).

    In the end, don’t forget to put everything together and click on “Weld”. otherwise, you will have all the pieces of your design lost before cutting.

Once you are done with your Cricut stencil design, you can click on “Make it” and then go to “Custom” to select the material you are going to work with. For example vinyl or acetate.

You also have an option in “Plastic” that says “Stencil film 0.4 mm” and you can use it. Then you choose the cutting mat and you can cut and enjoy your own stencil.

Here is a step by step how to make a stencil with Cricut Joy so you can see it: 

 You can use any of the Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, or Joy and be happy because they will do all the work for you.

Just make sure you choose the right material for your stencil, there is also a Mylar paper you can use that is ideal for this type of technique.

Dare to create all the designs and drawings you want and go ahead and make the decoration on walls or clothes that you always wanted to have.

If you are thinking about an economic venture, it is also a very good option that you can make stencils in series with your Cricut.

I hope you really liked this tutorial on ”stencil material “ and above all that you put it into practice.

Happy crafts!

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See you in the next tutorial!