The best Cricut graduation ideas (DIY 2023)

Surely you want your graduation (or that of a loved one) to be a special and emotional moment since it is the end of a great stage of your life and the beginning of an even more important one like the start of a career at a university or a job.

That’s why in this opportunity I will share with you these Cricut graduation ideas to make in an easy and simple way with your Cricut.

There are many things you can create but I have chosen these 3 important ones that you must not forget to make your celebration perfect!

Now let’s get to work!

The best Cricut Graduation ideas(Easy tutorial)

 As you know organizing a party requires a lot of concentration and attention to detail, that’s why I bring you these great decoration ideas. You can make personalized napkins and hats and magnetic souvenirs to give away. 

You only need these essential materials: 

  • Card stock(the quantity will depend on how many graduation hats you want to make).
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Cricut Printable Vinyl Sheets
  • Magnetic sticker sheets

Now 3 best Cricut graduation ideas 2022 for you!

Personalized napkins:

  • Step#1.

    The first thing you need to do is to cut with your Cricut the heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl and remove all the leftover vinyl. 
  • Step#2.

    Then you take your new napkins and you look at where to place the vinyl( so you can also know where you will put the iron). Ideally set a temperature of 280 in 15 seconds and just press a little bit so that all your vinyl perfectly adheres on the napkin( you can also flip it over and iron it for about 15 seconds more to make sure it looks good).

Personalized cardboard graduation caps:

  • Step#1

     For the graduation cap, you need to do the same thing, cut your cardstock into a square (this will be the base of your hat) and your vinyl to transfer (and adhere) and place the iron on the indicated place.

    Here what I recommend is that you put your iron on for 30 seconds and press gently at first and then a little firmer, this will make the vinyl stick well on your cardboard and you will not have problems.

  • Step#2

     Now for the part of the hat that attaches to the base, you cut a rectangle of cardstock and glue it in a circle shape with glue. Then you join the square base with the circle and your hat is ready to use!

    Tip: when you make the rectangle make some small tabs apart, so you can glue them on the square base in a much easier way.

Here is a tutorial for you to see the steps of Cricut graduation ideas or “graduation Cricut ideas“:

Cricut graduation gift ideas:

Personalized magnets

You can make personalized acrylic magnets as souvenirs, here is an article that will teach you how to make them in a super easy way “Can Cricut cut magnetic sheets?” (DIY Tutorial 2022).

wooden bookmarks

You can make bookmarks with beautiful and encouraging phrases about graduation.
Click here to learn how to make your personalized wooden bookmarks.

Shadow box graduation ideas

We have an article about more graduation ideas you can make for this unforgettable day in by clicking here: ‘Shadow box graduation ideas’.

I hope your Graduation is one of your dreams and that you can share this amazing moment with all the people you love!