The best DIY guitar pick (Fast tutorial)

Today I will show you the best DIY guitar pick to make your own picks, in a very easy way, so you will have a lot of them (in case you lose them easily ) and you can play your guitar wherever you are. 

Also if you like to recycle, this is a perfect tutorial for you, because the materials you will use are 100% recyclable, like a credit card you don’t use anymore or some old CDs.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll love this method of making your own picks, and you can even create a business if you wish. 

Put the songs you like the most and get to work to create all the picks you want!

Let’s play that guitar by discovering how to make a guitar pick! 

DIY guitar pick

The best DIY guitar pick (2022 tutorial)

I’m sure your picks will come in handy especially in S.O.S cases when you’re about to start a show and you can’t find them in your guitar case, or maybe you’re just between friends who ask you for some songs and you don’t have one on hand.

So don’t worry, with this how-to tutorial I will solve all your problems and you will have your own pick in 5 minutes.

Just put attention to this excellent step-by-step (“DIY guitar pick”), as it will save you in a musical emergency.

As I was saying, you can make your own guitar picks with the materials you have at home, they can be old credit cards, library cards that you don’t use, CDs that you don’t listen to anymore, collector’s decks, folders, water bottles, among many options that have a type of hard plastic.

The picks are like an extension of your fingers that allow you to play the guitar strings with greater precision, adding the desired intensity.

Keep in mind that they give us sound qualities, so you must choose well the material you will work with, because if it is not a good one you will not be able to make some guitar strumming or good plucking (you can also break the pick or break your strings, so choose very well what kind of material you want to work with).   

Let’s see now what you need for making your own guitar pick!

Essential materials : 

  • 1 Card (it can be a credit card, bus card, or any other card you don’t use anymore)
  • 1 Plush
  • Scissors
  • 1 Plectrum 
  •  Sandpaper

Click on the image to download it, it is ready to print, you can also trace the silhouette by putting a sheet on the screen.

  • Step#1

    Place the card on a table and then place the reference pin to mark the outline of the card with the plush.

  • Step#2

    Once you have the line drawn on the card, you can take the scissors and cut it out.

    If you decided to cut another kind of strong plastic sheet you can find some ways by clicking here: ‘How to cut plastic sheeting‘.

  • Step#3

    Now that you have cut out your spike, you can sand it on the edges, to improve the shape and to have a smooth surface on them.

And now you know how to make a guitar pick!

I leave you this video in case you want to watch a tutorial on “DIY guitar pick”(what can I use as a guitar pick“):   

Play Video about DIY guitar pick

More ways about making your own guitar pick

  • Another way to making your own guitar pick is to do the same procedure but using an old CD that you do not use, but this way I do not recommend it much, because the plastic it has is usually very thick and hard, plus it will cost you quite a lot to cut it and give the shape of the pick (the CD will likely break and you can even cut a finger, so if you decide this method, be very careful).
  • If you have some money and want to invest, you can buy a guitar pick puncher that helps you to make your own picks. It is a kind of stapler, where you place the material (it can be plastic or acrylic) and then press on the upper lever. And that’s it, your pick is perfectly cut and ready to use.

    This is a really good option if you want to make it in series or you want to make an enterprise.  

One recommendation before you go into business is to make a pair of picks and check which of the materials is the best to use on a guitar (try playing a couple of songs in different ways to make sure which one is the best quality).

  • Another option, if you are already a professional craftsman, you have a Cricut machine and of course, you have some time, is to cut acrylic with a spike mold at Design Space. 

    Surely in this way, you will be able to create great designs and colors and personalize them with names and text.

    I think this is a great method if you want to make many to sell and the materials you need are inexpensive.

    So don’t be afraid to use your homemade picks because they can look great and you can make the most of them in rehearsals, at a show, to practice at home, or whatever you want!  

You can also experiment with other types of materials such as plastic bottles, old folders, and plastic notebooks, among others, but I consider that the best option is credit cards for their strength, texture, and weight. 

Remember that you have to play the guitar, and for that reason, you need a pick that is comfortable and does not break your strings.

playing the guitar with the pick

I hope this “make your own guitar picks” tutorial has helped you and you can put it into practice in all your guitar rehearsals!

I’m sure you’ll love the idea of making your own picks and sharing them with your other musician friends (so no one is left without their pick before a show!).

Enjoy both your music and your own creations and designs!

See you in the next step-by-step of this ”DIY guitar pick” (“what can I use as a guitar pick”)!

Happy Crafts!

You can do it!