How to cut plastic sheeting (6 easy steps)

In this new tutorial, I will show you how to cut plastic sheeting, it is really very easy to do, you just have to be a little bit careful, because we are going to use a tool that is like a plastic grater or knife for cutting plastic.

This grater is actually a multi-use plastic cutter that you can get on Amazon or at any hardware store near your home and is the ideal tool for cutting plastic (especially acrylic). 

Now let’s discover how to cut plastic!

How to cut plastic sheeting (Easy DIY)

Cutting plastic is not a very complicated task but you must have the essential materials to do it and take the necessary precautions to avoid breaking the plastic (and to avoid domestic accidents such as cuts). 

It won’t take you much time if your plastic is not so thick, so you can cut several sheets in one day.

 Here I will tell you what you need to do it:

Essential materials: 

Step by step of “How to cut plastic sheeting”:

  • Step#1

    Put a sheet of acrylic plastic on a clear table to take the measurements you need to cut. 
  • Step#2

    Once you have the ruler on the plastic and you get to the cm you want you can make a mark with the grater to see how far you will cut (for example, if you have to cut 45 cm, where it says “45” you make a dot on the plastic with the grater).
  • Step#3

    Then place a long ruler or some object that can be used as a ruler, to mark all the lines you need to cut. 
  • Step#4

    Here what I recommend is to secure that ruler or object with some kind of lock or hook to the table so that it doesn’t move when you are cutting. 
  • Step #5

    Now put one hand on the ruler and with the other hand, you grate with your homemade tool at an approximate angle of 45º. 

    Try to make one smooth cutting pass and then you can make two or three more passes with a little more force (not too much force because you might break the plastic).
  • Step #6

    Finally, you can see how a cut line is traced. If you need to, you can reposition your ruler and make another pass with the grater. 

 So now you know how to cut plastic!

Here you can see a tutorial on “hot knife for cutting plastic” in case you want to make one your own:

How to cut hard plastic

Also if you want to know the best way to ”how to cut hard plastic”, what you should do is make some holes (one close to each other) with a small drill bit before cutting it. This will make it easier to make the cut and prevent your plastic from getting damaged.

I hope this step-by-step on “cut plastic sheeting” has been very helpful and easy to apply!
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