How to make candles smell stronger in a few steps

Making candles has become more popular lately. You can make them with paraffin or beeswax, but soy wax is the most used recently. Soy wax is easy to aromatize and it melts at a low temperature. That’s why they are not only ideal for decorating with a nice warm light but they are also good for massage.

The best part is that they can make your house smell nice and you can choose your own fragrances. However, it can be quite frustrating to take the time to make your own candles and then find out that the essence is so subtle you need to tuck your nose into the fire to smell it! Here’s how to make candles smell stronger.

How to make candles smell stronger

How to make candles smell stronger

There are three key points that you need to keep in mind. Take a look and keep on reading to find out how to put them into practice.

  • Follow the suppliers’ instructions
  • Keep them covered
  • Let them cure

Follow your supplier’s instructions

How to add scents to candles? When buying your supplies to make candles, ask your supplier how to do it.

In spite of how experienced you are in this craft, ask every new supplier how to use their products, as they have different compositions that will affect the way to use them and the particular scent throw candle have.

The scent throw is the term that refers to the essence a candle has. There is a cold throw, which is the fragrance a candle has when not lit, and the hot throw is the fragrance the candle produces when lit.

How to make candle smell strong when lit?

The scent throw will depend on each essence. Keep in mind that they have different levels of fragrance, and some can be stronger than others, despite the concentration or the amount you use. Besides, you will have to keep in mind the proportions you need to use and the right melting temperature.

lit the candle

How to make candles smell strong for a long time

Because of the low melting point these candles have, the scent can evaporate out of the wax. For this reason, it is recommended to make your candles in a container that has a lid.

You can use marmalade flasks, for instance, as they have a nice shape and are also functional to keep your candles covered when not lit. This way you will keep the scent trapped inside.

Let your candles cure

Once you have poured the melted wax into the containers, they will quickly start to harden. They usually won’t take longer than one day to set completely, but don’t use them yet! To make them smell stronger, the best is to let them cure for at least a couple of days. The ideal time is about two weeks. So, if you’re making them as a present for your family, keep that curing time in mind.

And that’s what you need to know about how to make candles smell stronger!