Nail decals DIY (Best Cricut tutorial)

Today I will show you the best nail decals DIY to decorate your nails in a very easy and fun way.

You can create all the designs you have in mind and play with the color combinations and shapes you like the most.

Join me to see the Cricut nail decals tutorial!

Nail decals diy

Nail decals diy (Cricut Turial 2022)

Surely you love to make your nails neat and beautiful, that’s why I bring you this great tutorial about Cricut nail decals for you, to make the most of it. 

Let’s first see what you need for these DIY nails stickers :

Essential materials:  

  • One sheet of Vinyl
  • A vinyl transfer film
  • Cricut machine
  • Clear nail polish
Nails decal

Step by step of how to make nail decals:

  • Step#1

    Open “Design Space” and put an oval to stimulate your nail. You can use the approximate measurements of 5 inches by 1 inch because this way you get closer to the actual size of our real nails. 

    When you have the most similar shape to a fingernail, duplicate it as many times as necessary (for example: if you want stickers on 3 fingers, duplicate it 3 times).
  • Step#2

    Now put the shapes and colors you want inside the ovals (and also choose the size), this step is very important, because here you create the design that will go inside the nail.
  • Step #3

    When you have your designs ready on each oval you can group them together and then cut them out.
  • Step#4

    Now you can press “Make it” and then choose the machine you are going to work with (i.e. your Cricut). Then select the material, which in this case is “Vinyl” (note that you don’t need to set up mirrored because it is a regular vinyl and you don’t need any special blades or adapting tools). 
  • Step#5

    Before you press “Cut” put your vinyl on the mat and on the correct part to do it (it can be on the top left side of the mat).

    Then when you are done take your scraping tool and rub it to make sure the vinyl well adheres. 

    You can also grab one side of the vinyl with your favorite weeding tool and remove the excess by gently pulling it off (remember to be careful as these are tiny pieces and you don’t want to accidentally pull your designed pieces off along with the excess).
  • Step#6

    Now you need your pin tool (because it is a smaller tip and is ideal for removing the vinyl-designed piece) and pull the pieces out. 
  • Step #7

    Now you are ready to use your transfer tape. You can also rub it a little bit with your scraper, then take your precision knife and cut it to separate all your vinyl designs. 

    Once you’ve done this, you’ll go back and scrape one by one of your pieces, so you can make sure that the transfer perfectly adheres to the vinyl.
  • Step #8

    Finally, you take the vinyl and place it on your dry nail (you can burnish there a couple of times as well) and then very gently peel off the transfer.
  • Repeat this process with each nail you want and you have your nail stickers ready!

In the end, you can put clear nail polish on top if you want to seal it more.

Here you can see a step-by-step “how to make nail decals“:  

Play Video about Nail decals video tutorial

I hope you make the most of these great “DIY nails stickers” and let your creativity run wild!

It’s always a pleasure to help you create and you can apply all the knowledge instantly.

Enjoy this “nail decals DIY”!

See you in the next tutorial!