How to make a bag from wrapping paper

Making presents is a lovely tradition to show our love and appreciation to the people surrounding us. If you put the gift in a nice packaging the experience will be memorable, especially if you make it yourself. Here is how to make a bag from wrapping paper!

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how to make a bag from wrapping paper

What you’ll need:

Let’s start with the tutorial about how to make a wrapping paper bag:

Step 1: Choosing the material

How to make a bag with wrapping paper that doesn’t break? Choose a thick piece of paper. The size of the piece will depend on what you want to put inside, but it’s important to keep a 2:1 ratio. That means its length should double its width.

Step 2: Let’s start folding

Place the paper horizontally and fold it in half to create a crease in the middle. Unfold and bring the sides of the paper to the center, surpassing the crease by about one centimeter. They should overlap in the middle. Use a ruler to do this symmetrically.

Step 3: Stick the folds

Use the glue to stick the two layers together. Be careful not to touch the back of the paper or your bag won’t open. The secret to make a bag out of wrapping paper is sticking it well so it doesn’t lose its structure.

Step 4: Create the bag bottom

Fold the paper from the bottom up by about 5 centimeters. This folded area will have two layers of paper. Carefully separate those two layers and press the outer corners inwards so you will get two small triangles on each side.

Step 5: Secure the bottom

Bring the bottom of this section up, and the top, down, in a way they overlap. Again, use a glue stick to keep them together. To make a bag from wrapping paper, press all the folds well so it keeps it shape.

Step 6:  Fold the sides

Next, unfold the bottom section and you will be left with the original rectangular shape, but now the inferior corners are slanted. Fold the sides inwards, starting at the bottom corner all the way up to the top of the paper bag wrapping paper.

Step 7: Form the gusset

Open the bag, and you will have a crease on each side. Gently push in these creases to create the gusset. This will allow the bag to open and hold your stuff without losing its shape. This is one of the key points to make bag out of wrapping paper.

Step 8: Make your bag stronger

 How to make a bag out of wrapping paper that doesn’t break when you fill it? Place the piece of cardboard inside the bag and line it up at the bottom to make it more resistant to breaking.

Step 9: Attach the handles

We have finished folding! Grab two pieces of cord to make the handles. Pierce two holes with the hole puncher on the top front of the bag, and other two on the back. Put a piece of cord on each face of the bag and secure them inside with knots on the inside.

Step 10: Let’s decorate!

How to make wrapping paper bag more appealing? Make spots of glue on the surface and sprinkle some glitter on it, cut hearts or stars on a different paper and stick them on, or write a heart-felt message with markers.

You can watch this video to  make 6 Quick and easy paper bags.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial to make a bag with wrapping paper and that the final result was great!

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