20+ Fun Ideas for DIY Backyard Parties

Although the days of Covid aren’t totally behind us, people are getting more comfortable with hosting gatherings, especially outdoor gatherings. That’s why DIY backyard parties have gotten super popular. Saving money on expensive décor and activities by making it instead is a go-to choice right now anyhow.

We have gathered up 20+ fun ideas for DIY backyard parties. They range from super simple to extravagant! Whatever you are celebrating, I bet you will find a neat idea here that you want to try.

20+ Fun Ideas for DIY Backyard Parties :

  1. Light up the night by putting glowsticks inside of balloons! Blow up the balloons, tie them off and you have instant glowing light balloons. Play a game with them or just use them as décor to light up the backyard.
  2. Take a large tarp or sheet and duct tape. Tape down lines in a Tic Tac Toe pattern onto the tarp and sheet = instant giant Tic Tac Toe. You can use different colored frisbees as the X’s and O’s.
  3. OR Create a small rock Tic Tac Toe by painting X’s and O’s on rocks. This is a great one for an elevated but DIY adult game table.
  4. Create an easy backyard DIY photobooth by taking picture frames of various sizes and hanging them from tree branches. This is perfect for a party.
  5. Make a night-time ring toss with glow stick necklaces! Great as an afterparty adult game.
  6. Recycle tin cans by hammering little holes into the sides of them. You can even create patterns if you would like. Then stick a candle inside to light up a patio space or tables.
  7. Host an outdoor movie night and make a DIY concession stand out of a pallet board, twine, and clips.
  8. Turn used K-cups into an amazing string light display. Use colorful Christmas light strings, punch holes into the bottom of the K cups, and pop them over each bulb.
  9. Setup a beautiful picnic table using pallets stacked on top of each other. Lay blankets and pillows on the sides of the tables. Decorate the table with flowers and pretty place settings.
  10. Make a DIY bubble station by pouring bubble soap into a drink dispenser, add tiny paper cups and bubble sticks. Then let the kids go at it.
  11. Wrap wire around the tops of mason jars, add LED candles and hang in bunches on trees all over your backyard. This creates instant ambiance for an elegant DIY affair.
  12. Spray paint Twister dots on the grass for DIY twister.
  13. Make a beverage waterfall by layering tubs and baby pools on top of each other, and filling with ice and beverages.
  14. Fill an ice bin with water, floating candles, lily pads, and flowers for an instant mini pond. Super pretty as a centerpiece as well.
  15. Make “fork”, “knife”, and “spoon” bowls with planters and paint.
  16. Make your own custom Cornhole boards for fun summer days and parties.
  17. Glow in the dark bowling can easily be DIY’d using glowsticks and water bottles. Fill the water bottles with the glowstick and water then set up in a bowling formation. Use basketballs as the bowling ball.
  18. Finally make that outdoor bar you have always dreamed of. You can use it for parties, food displays, or a lemonade stand. It will be worth it!
  19. Create an outdoor chandelier with a hula hoop and string lights.
  20. Fill op water balloons and use them for batting practice! This is a great unexpected game for kids.
  21. Build a cinderblock outdoor firepit. This is great for backyard parties as well as weekend fun.
  22. DIY a giant Jenga. 
  23. Decorate a portion of your fence with balloons, party pans, and streamers for a DIY photo backdrop.

I hope this blog inspired you to make one of these fun ideas for DIY backyard parties. For even more inspiration about what you can DIY and celebrate in May, check out this blog post.