Can Cricut cut felt? 3 key points you need to know

Felt is a nice fabric that can be used in several projects. It is soft enough for making clothes, while it is firm enough to make corporeal ornaments like flowers.

There are some specific tools for cutting and shaping felt, but, if you have a Cricut machine at home, you can definitely use it for this purpose.

So, can Cricut cut felt? Of course it can! Here are the top 3 key points you need to know about how to cut felt with your Cricut.

#1: What do I need for cutting felt with Cricut machines?

The materials you need are:

  • Felt (of course)
  • A rolling pin
  • A fabric cutting mat

The fabric cutting mat is stickier than a regular mat, and it will be better for adhering your felt onto it and make sure there is no movement.

Next, you will use the rolling pin to press the felt onto the mat so that you ensure it is well stuck. You can even buy a Cricut fabric roller, which is specifically made for this purpose and looks like a lint cleaner.

#2: There are different types of felt

There are three main types of felt based on their composition. These are: 100% natural wood, natural wool and rayon, and 100% polyester.

They go from most expensive to cheapest, respectively. The natural one is the best for making clothes, and the cheapest one is best for making ornaments or patches for your clothes, and it’s the easiest to find on local stores.

You can cut any of them with your Cricut, and you can get your own polyester Cricut felt from their website. Still, you can use any brand you want.

#3: Can Cricut cut felt with any special blade?

Cricut Rotary Blade

The best blade you can use for cutting felt with your Cricut is the rotary blade. This blade works like a pizza cutter! It has a tiny sharp disc that spins on the fabric while applying pressure.

This way, it doesn’t “tear” the material, but rather slice it as if you were using scissors. This will protect your fabric from ripped off borders and provide it with sharp edges.

However, you cannot use this blade in any Cricut machine. The chosen ones for this work are Cricut Maker and Cricut Explorer Air.

Remember that, for using a rotary blade, you need to get a rotary housing, which is not included with your Cricut, so you will need to buy it separately.

Can Cricut cut felt with the blade that comes with my machine? There are some people who say you can cut felt even with our Cricut Joy using a standard blade, but we cannot ensure the best results in that case.

We hope this quick tutorial has answered your “can Cricut cut felt?” doubts and how to do it properly to get the best results!

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