Can Cricut cut acrylic (6 easy steps)

 If you are wondering “Can Cricut cut acrylic? “, keep reading this tutorial and I will tell you all the details so you can do it without any problem. 

The indispensable thing is to use the Cricut acrylic sheets ( or acrylic sheets for Cricut) of 0.2 mm thickness (it can not be thicker because otherwise, it will not work), you must also use the knife Blade tool (which only works with Cricut Maker and Maker3) and also use the tool No. 41 because first we must make an engraving and this is the ideal tool for engraving.

 Let ‘s cut!

Can Cricut cut acrylic? (DIY Tutorial)

  1. The first thing you have to do is to remove the plastic that comes on the Cricut acrylic sheets (be careful because sometimes it comes on both sides), then place it well on your mat and fix it with tape on the ends. You can also roll it with a rolling pin to fix it perfectly.

    Then grab the device where you have installed your “Design space” Cricut app, open it and go to “images”, click on “art” and after that the option “drawings only”. Here you can choose the design you like the most. 
  2. Once you have defined the drawing, go to the “engrave” option. Then choose a shape and add it to your design (the shape must be the shape of your drawing, for example: if it is a flower that has a round shape, it will be a circle).
  3. You put both the drawing and the shape in the save option and then press “attach ”’.Later,you select everything and group and set the size you want to cut.

    If for example, you are making a pair of acrylic rings, you can duplicate your selection and place them side by side, before cutting it. 
  4. Don’t forget to save every process you do, to secure your design in the app so you don’t lose any time (this is in case you have a problem with your computer or Design space so you don’t lose what you’ve been working on). 
  5. You are now ready to send it to be cut and really know if “Can Cricut cut acrylic?” but first you are going to select the mat you want and then click continue. 

    You must place your drawing in the exact spot where you placed the material on the material. At this point try to be careful to center the drawing well on the white lines, this way you make sure that it is well fixed for cutting.
  6. Finally, click on the engraving option, and where it says “all materials” click on “acrylic”, you will see 2 options: the first one for engraving on thick acrylic of 2 mm and the second one for thin acrylic of 1 mm, here you can choose any of the two, but I recommend the first one.  

Another tip is to make sure that the lines are well marked, select the option that says “More” and there you will see the ideal tool to load. 

When you have finished with the engraving, you will unload the mat without removing it completely and you will proceed with the cutting acrylic with Cricut, select “All materials” once again, then select “Basswood to cut” and use the 1.6 mm size. Then proceed to cut with the Knife Blade. 

Remember to move the white wheels or stars to the right side, to avoid damaging the material or jamming it. 

I hope you are very happy to enjoy your cut now that you know the answer to “Can Cricut cut acrylic”.

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Happy crafting!