3 Major Factors to Turn a Closet into an Additional Space

3 Major Factors to Turn a Closet into an Additional Space

Today we are going to explore 3 major factors to turn a closet into an additional space. You may have seen the term “Cloffice” all over Pinterest lately. People love turning their extra closets into additional spaces, and the Cloffice is definitely a trendy one right now.

Other ideas for closets include…

  • Meditation room
  • Craft space
  • Mudroom or Entryway
  • Art Studio
  • Reading Space

Whatever you decide, there are 3 major factors to turn a closet into an additional space. After much trial and error into turning my own closets into spaces, I determined you need these 3 things to make the closet feel like a real room. Although these factors aren’t super hard to pull off, they are definitely needed or else the closet will still feel like a closet.

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I have tried turning closets into meditation rooms, mudrooms, craft rooms, and offices. The best transformation ended up being the mudroom/entryway and it’s because I used these three factors when designing.

3 Major Factors to Turn a Closet into an Additional Space:

  1. Place – Choose a place that feels calming to you, does not have a lot of foot traffic, and can be closed off. I personally converted our bedroom closet into a tiny hidden oasis for me where I can close my bedroom door and even pull curtains across to further enclose the space if someone is in the room. This worked out well.
  2. Sitting Area – most people think you need tons of space to be able to sit and that is not really the case. You just need enough space to be comfortable, even if that means sitting on the floor with a pillow. But there should be some space to sit, so that the closet truly does feel like an additional space. If you are able to add a chair or bench, that is even better. But you do need somewhere to sit.
  3. Ambiance – Create a calming atmosphere with lighting, candles, soft blankets, pillows and even art that soothes you. Think of things you would put in a room to decorate, that’s the kind of stuff you want to focus on for your closet space. Adding shelves with decorations and books is also a good idea.

For more inspiration, we also found these 5 neat closet transformations.

Beneath My Heart turned their closet into a craft space. You will notice that it’s in a corner with not much foot traffic, has a place to sit, and is decorated (all the 3 factors).




Fresh Crush turned a closet into a reading nook. Tucked away in the back of the home, this nook has a fantastic spot to sit (or even lay) and is totally decorated giving the space a lot of ambiance.

Saving for Six turned their tiny closet into a cloffice by opening up the space and adding a built in desk. You will notice that the added light fixtures to this space create a ton of ambiance.



The Orange Home turned their coat closet into an entryway with a bench and hooks. Although this is likely a heavy foot traffic area, the space has a specific purpose. And it still does have a sitting area plus tons of ambiance.

I particularly love this transformation by Whimages because you would have never known this was originally a closet. It combines all the 3 factors beautifully. It’s tucked away, has multiple seating areas, and many decorations to make it feel like a completely different room.

I hope this blog post helped you see the 3 major factors to turn a closet into an additional space. We are partial to turning a closet into a craft space of course, but there are tons of options. Happy crafting!