16 Simple Summer Projects for Kids

16 Simple Summer Projects for Kids

Now that summer is in full swing we are bringing you 16 simple summer projects for kids. Most of these projects can be done in just a few steps. Save these projects for a rainy day and you will have something to do with your kids all summer long.

All of these projects have been done by different bloggers. Please take time to check out their blog posts too which will explain how to do the projects in depth. Here, we have really simplified the steps to give you an overall explanation of how to complete each craft.

For even more summer fun, check out this blog post on 31 days of summer crafts and holidays.

In general for most of these crafts you are going to need:

There are other supplies needed for some of the projects, but the supplies listed above you will use over and over. Let’s dive in!

16 Simple Summer Projects for Kids:

Rainbow Popsicle Stick Kite

Take 7 popsicle sticks and paint each one a different color of the rainbow. Glue them all together, add googly eyes and a string.


Clothes Line Dragon Fly

Take a clothes pin and glue craft gems to it. Add a puffy head with googly eyes. Then take pipe cleaners and shape into wings for the sides!

Handprint Rooster

Trace your kiddos hand and cut out. Cut out a rooster head, beak, legs, and wings. Glue them all together!

Summer Windmill

Decorate a piece of construction paper, cut slits in each corner. Fold slits into windmill shape and glue to a stick.

Pool Noodle Monsters

Take a few different pool noodles, cut them into small pieces. Decorate them with big and small googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make little monsters.

Sailboat Craft

Create a sailboat scene using construction paper and sand.

Squirt Gun Painting

Add water and paint to a squirt gun. Setup some paper and let’s your kids go at it.

Tie Dye Beach Towels

Get a big white beach towel and use masking tape to create your name. Then take a Tye Dye spray kit and spray all over the towel. Remove the tape. Viola!

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Take coffee filters and color all over them with markers. Spray some water on them to let them bleed a little bit. Use a clothes pin to pin the middle together and use pipe cleaners as antennas.

Paper Plate Crab

Take a red paper plate, fold in half and glue shut. Add construction paper legs, claws, and googly eyes!

Bubble Wrap Flowers

Dip bubble wrap in different colors of paint. Then take a white paper plate and press the bubble wrap onto the plate. Add a popsicle stick and construction paper leaves for the stem.

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Layer popsicle sticks on top of eachother in a square shape. Glue them together. Add string to make it hang and bird seed.

DIY Pasta Necklace

Take penne pasta, paint them however you would like. String them through some yarn. Tie off and wear as a necklace.

Construction Paper Popsicles

Cut out shapes of popsicles with different color construction paper. Decorate with glitter. Add a popsicle stick.

Tube Rainbows

Take a toilet paper roll and decorate it with blue paint and clouds. Add rainbow color tissue paper stripes and glue to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Fairy House

Take a small planter and turn it upside down. Paint a fairy house on the side with windows and a door.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on 16 simple summer projects for kids. Happy Summer and happy crafting!!