What is french terry? Everything you need to know

Most of us don’t know the names of the fabrics, the only thing that matters is that it looks good and feels good against our skin.

However, it is important to know the names of the different fabrics in order to use them correctly, since some fabrics are better suited to certain occasions or situations than others.

There are so many fabric options available that it is very easy to get confused.

I am sure that in your wardrobe you have more than one french terry garment but you still do not know it.

If you are wondering what is french terry, how is it used and why is it so popular in sportswear or loungewear, keep reading to find out more!

What is french terry and why is it so popular?

French terry was introduced into the textile trade in the 1980s and basically is a fabric soft and absorbent. This is a knit fabric with soft loops on the inside and a smooth surface on the outside.

The thread loops form small channels that allow air to circulate. It is generally made entirely of cotton or a combination of cotton and a small amount of rayon, polyester, lycra, or spandex.

French terry fabric clothing is a comfortable option to wear year-round, as loungewear or for training in your favorite sport. Being a mid-weight, wicking fabric, it is widely used in sportswear and casual wear, such as joggers, jumpers, cardigans, hoodies and shorts.

The fabric is highly versatile and can keep you cool in hot weather or warm in cooler weather. It is also a resistant and durable fabric that can withstand twisting, pulling and rubbing without being damaged.

french terry

The main characteristics of this fabric are softness, comfort and its absorbent properties:

  • The softness is due to the fact that the french terry has soft and short piles of yarn on the interior side, making it more comfortable and cozy to wear.
  • The comfort of this fabric makes it excellent to wear around the house, as it is flexible and stretches. French terry clothing can be worn under or over other clothing all year long.
  • And its wicking properties come from the fact that rench terry can withstand moisture weighing 27 times its natural weight, wicking away sweat and keeping you dry.
  • An additional feature is that the french terry fabric does not wrinkle easily and can be washed in the washing machine without problems.

Care to maintain french terry fabric: washing and drying

Now that you know what french terry is, you surely want to learn how it is washed to keep its quality intact for longer, and I have good news for you: it does not need much care!

French terry fabrics are easy to maintain and get better with age, and perhaps this is also one of its best qualities. This fabric does not wrinkle easily due to its natural elasticity and the fact that it is a knitted fabric.

As for its washing, you should know that it can be machine washed with cold water in your own home. No need to dry clean or hand wash.

The best way to wash your french terry for best maintenance and cleaning is to machine wash it in cold water and then tumble dry on low heat for best results. This will help you to preserve its quality and colors for longer.

Is french terry fabric for summer or winter?

French terry fabric is suitable for the whole year and for all types of weather, although it is especially during the fall that French terry garments are most used. The absorbent capacity of this fabric will keep you cool and dry on hot days.

This fabric is warmer than a T-shirt and less warm than a sweatshirt, but you can layer it with other clothes. On cool days add a jogger or hoodie, and on hot days pair with shorts below or a t-shirt above.

french terry back

Difference between french terry and terry cloth

Terry cloth, also known as towel terry, is a more common and well-known version than the french terry. Although they are not the same, their names are so similar that they are often confused.

Terry cloth fabric has longer loops and unlike french terry the loops are on both sides of the fabric. Also, french terry is softer and smoother than terry cloth.

It has a greater absorbent capacity than french terry, which makes it more suitable for drying after getting wet, and for this reason it is generally used in bath towels, bathrobes, baby clothes, kitchen towels, beach towels, etc.

Difference between french terry and fleece fabric

Fleece fabric is commonly used for winter clothing. The outside of the fabric has a smooth surface, and the inner a fluffy appearance and can be found in a range of fiber compositions such as cotton, and cotton/polyester blends.

French terry is a light to medium weight fabric, while fleece is generally heavier and a bit bulkier.

Also, due to differences in manufacturing, fleece is not a breathable fabric as it lacks the absorbent capacity that french terry does.

Both fabrics do not require maintenance, so washing them in the washing machine will be enough to clean them.

What is french terry

In conclusion…

So the french terry fabric is a comfortable and versatile fabric that you will surely find among the clothes in your closet, whether it is a jacket, a hoodie or a jogger, this fabric is ideal to use as home clothes or for recreation due to its easy adaptation to any climate, environment or activity.

I hope this article answers all your questions about what is french terry and that you continue using the french terry for your home or sports activities!