Mindfulness For Kids in 5 Easy Steps

Mindfulness For Kids in 5 Easy Steps

This Mindfulness For Kids in 5 Easy Steps project is a great way for kids to slow down and check in with themselves at the end of every day. It is so important to let kids be kids, but it is equally important to check in on how their young minds are processing the changes in the world and how that effects their day-to-day life. It is also a wonderful way for parents to connect and reflect with their child at the end of every school week. For more on kids and mindfulness, check out this video.

Step 1:

Create a customized box for your child. This box will be where they submit little written notes at the end of each day. Whether you choose to use a leftover shoebox from around the house or purchase a box from the store, what is most important is to label the box as your child’s check in and make it their own using colors or themes that inspire them.

Your child may even decorate the box themselves. This is a great craft project for the first week of school. The goal is to make this an inspiring object that provides a safe space for their thoughts and feelings to be submitted.

Step 2:

Create prompts. In order to check in with your child’s mind, body and spirit, it is helpful to direct them to expressing different things about their day. Choose three to five pre-written check in questions to help your child reflect on their day.

These can be kept by the box, so that the child can choose whichever prompt they want to write about. They may fill out one, or as many as they like at the end of each day. These can include any of the following:

Today I learned…

Today made me feel…

Today reminded me that…

Today I improved on…

Today I enjoyed…

Today I did not enjoy…

Today I laughed at…

Today I overcame…

Step 3:

Set up your child’s Check-in Station. Place the box in an area that feels calm where your child can tap into their thoughts without distractions. Place the pre-written prompts next to the box with something to write with; colorful utensils are recommended to aid in your child’s self-expression!

When choosing a spot to set up the Check-in Station, look for a spot that harnesses natural elements like near a well-lit windowsill or next to a house plant. Being close to nature is one of the quickest and easiest ways for your child to relax and connect with themselves.

Step 4:

Create a Check-in routine. Decide with your child how often to review the note submissions. They can be looked through at the end of every week, every month, every school semester, or as often as needed.

The goal is to aid your child in the process of expressing themselves and then reflecting later to keep track of their own personal growth. It can be done as often as the child chooses, or it can be made into a regular routine. It is a great way for them to check in with themselves, but also for you as a parent to view their world from their perspective.

Step 5:

Celebrate the successes! When going through the submissions, have your child pick out their favorites or the ones that mean the most to them. You may discuss these with your child and even save them to look back at on tough days.

The note submissions are all a reflection of your child throughout their days. So, on any day when they need to be reminded of their power, strength, lessons or how far they have come – the note submissions are a great way to reassure them by using their own words to remind them of who they are and who they can be.

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