How to tie a balloon without using your fingers (easy and fast way)

how to tie a balloon

We all love parties, or at least most of us do, but there is no good party if there is no good decoration. The star is always in the details, surely the balloons.

There are many balloons of different shapes, different colors, and different sizes, metallic, with letters, etc. The important thing when we host a big party is to choose the right ones for the design we have in mind.

So far, everything is beautiful until it’s time to inflate the balloons. The common thing is to tie them and not run out of fingers in the attempt.

This traditional method is a bit painful and involves a lot of assembly time (especially when the kids want to help you), so today I bring you the best solution; it is a super easy and fast way to apply “How to tie a balloon without fingers”.

Yes, you read that right FINGERLESS.

How to tie a balloon without hands

Now let’s blow up those balloons!

How to tie a balloon: Easy trick

To begin to inflate the balloons for your super party, the ideal is to look well in what areas of the space you should cover with balloons to give that final touch to the decoration.

Once you have the sectors, that will help you define how many balloons you need and what elements or people you will need to inflate them and make your perfect balloon knot.

After that, we check the materials we need to find out how to tie balloons without fingers.


  • Balloons
  • Toothpicks
  • Thread

As you know there are two ways to inflate balloons, one by inflating with the mouth (although sometimes we run out of air) and the other with a manual inflator which would be much easier.

Whichever option you choose, or the one you have at hand, don’t worry because you will get the same result.

Once you have inflated the first one, take the peak of the balloon with one hand (always pressing so you don’t lose the air) and with the other hand stretch it a little, so that the texture softens, and then release it slowly.

Then take a toothpick with your free hand, and measure the peak with the length of the toothpick. Once you have more or less the exact measure, cut the toothpick to be the same size as the peak.

Now, having everything you need, take the beak of the balloon with one hand and with the other you turn it a couple of turns on its axis, then press these turns with two fingers, so that the turns do not fall apart, and with the other hand you take the beak stretch it and place one end of the toothpick inside the beak and then do the same with the other side of the beak (always on the inside).

Et voilà!!!!! You have your balloon tied without strangling your fingers.

As you already have a balloon as a reference you can do the same technique with the rest.

pink balloons

A second option is, after having the first balloon armed, take a second inflated balloon without tying it and make a balloon knot between both beaks.

This technique is also very easy to perform and you can intertwine as many balloons as you want.

If you are not sure with this second technique, in case you want to use many balloons for your decoration, and that none of them escape or burst, you can use thread.

Also with this method you can use as many balloons as you like and tie them together with garlands.

Easy way to tie balloons: ( Part 2 )

There is another way of how to tie balloons without fingers and that is directly buying some sticks that have an inverted cone at one end and you can intertwine the beak in each opening, thus being hooked to the stick and with the same result as if it were tied, but the idea is always to do this with the utensils you have at home.

how to tie a balloon tip 2

To give you a better idea of the procedure, you can visualize it the step by in this link: ‘How to tie balloon easily’

 Without a doubt this is one of the best ways to tie your balloons, it is super easy, fast and in case your decoration design has too many balloons it will help you to get the neatest result in the shortest time.

Keep in mind that before tying the balloons it is essential to be attentive to the colors you want to combine and the sizes you want to join, maybe the attention has to be on this because when tying and inflating many balloons, we can forget what is the idea or the shape we wanted to create at the beginning.

Another tip that will help you is to define well to whom the decoration is addressed, obviously it will be different if we have to create an atmosphere for children or for adults, it will also be different if it is day, afternoon or night.

As balloons always attract attention and brighten up spaces, remember to place them in strategic and illuminated points. Lights can help you create sensations and reinforce your idea.

Balloon message

You can make a nice card and tie it to a balloon inflated with Elio, we give you some ideas on Making Cards with Cricut Joy.

I hope this super technique of how to tie a balloon has helped you and that you apply it in all the occasions and opportunities you have. It is also an easy technique to teach, so you can count with the help of other people explaining the steps to follow.

Don’t forget to have the same amount of toothpicks as balloons; maybe one toothpick can serve four balloons so you can make an approximate calculation.

Don’t waste any more time, enjoy your party to the fullest, and create a super balloon look in your style.

You can!

Let’s shine! Play the best music and dazzle everyone with your crafts!