Best way how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic

how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic

In today’s tutorial, we will see how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic. It’s a super easy method, you can do it yourself and you will love it.

The glitter really makes all your crafts look fabulous, that’s why it’s one of our favorite things to work with. They also come in all colors and shades and you can even get them in neon tones.

If you want to create the best party decorations, this is definitely the best option!

Let’s shine! 

How to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic (craft 2022)

The first thing we need to get is the plastic Christmas ornaments, you can get them on Amazon and they are super cheap.

Then once you have them we need:

  • Glitter (the jars and colors you want to use).
  • 1 can of polycrylic
  • Paper
  • Plastic cup
  • plastic bag

Diy glitter ornament

  • As a first step, you should put a little bit of plastic polycrylic in the glass, then take the spheres and put the substance inside.

    Make sure that all the polycrylic is inside your ornament, then turn it on its axis and put it back in the glass. 

    In this part try to be as careful as possible and make sure that all the remaining polycrylic comes out of the ornament. You can leave it on the glass for about 3 minutes. 
  • When the necessary time has passed you will see your ornament is almost transparent, so you can put the glitter on it.

    To put the glitter on the ornament you need to take a piece of paper and pour some glitter on it. Then you take the paper carefully and also put the glitter inside the sphere.

    You will take the ornament and turn it back on its axis (the remaining glitter can go back to the paper and from there to its original container).  
  • If you no longer use polycrylic you can also put it back in its container, try to put a plastic bag over it, and then close the lid (this will help your lid not to stick and keep the substance better).
  • Finally, you can tap the lid with scissors to make sure you close it well.
  • As the last step, let the preparation rest in the ornament for about 24 hours, after that time you can close the sphere (this step is very important because if you don’t do it your glitter ornaments will crack on the inside.
  • Once it is dry, you can close it and place it wherever you like!

You can repeat the process as many times as you want, and you will surely be able to make a lot of glitter ornaments in a short time since it is a relatively fast process.

Here you can see an excellent step by step how to make a glitter ornament to guide you: 


Without a doubt, this is a spectacular super easy tutorial on how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic.

I advise you to try it yourself and leave your Christmas tree super shiny and beautiful.

Happy Christmas crafts! 

See you in the next tutorial!

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