How to iron on patches in 5 easy steps

Patches are an excellent tool to modify your clothes and make them look completely different.

Patches for clothing can be ironed on any fabric that can be ironed on, for example, you can use jacket patches, shirts, jeans, hats, pants, skirts, etc.

With this step by step tutorial you will learn how to iron on patches to make your clothes unique, it’s so easy!

Let’s get started!

How to iron on patches

Knowing how to iron on a patch is an easy task and with it you can get beautiful results when customizing your clothes.

For iron-on patch instructions you will need:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • Your patch
  • A thin piece of fabric like a pillowcase or sheet to protect your clothing and patch from the heat
  • The piece(s) of clothing you want to customize

Before you start, it’s good to know that iron-on patches don’t work well on certain fabrics (like nylon, rayon, leather, or waterproof materials) in that case it will be better to sew them with a needle and thread. But they work great on cotton and polyester fabrics.

iron on patches

Step by step tutorial:

  • Step 1

    Heat up your iron. Set your iron at the hottest temperature setting. Make sure not to use steam in the application.
  • Step 2

    Lay out your piece of clothing on the ironing board and place the patch in the spot where you want to stick it.

    Next, place a thin cloth over the front of the patch, such as a handkerchief, sheet, or pillowcase, to protect the fabric and the patch from heat.

    If your patch is with crystal or metal stud designs please iron on more delicately and provide less heat to ensure no melting.
  • Step 3

    Place the iron over the patch and cloth and hold it there for 30 seconds.

    But if your patch comes with specific instructions for how long to hold the iron on it, make sure to do that amount of time instead.
  • Step 4

    Once the patch is adhered to the fabric, turn the garment inside out and place the thin fabric back on to iron again for an additional 30 seconds on the patch.
  • Step 5

    Without touching it, let the patch cool down for 5 minutes, and you are done!

    If not fully applied, repeat above steps if necessary.

    Once applied, applique is permanently attached to garment and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable.

In conclusion…

As we said before, fabric patches are an original way to customize the clothes that you have stored without use or to cover an undesirable stain or hole. With the patches your clothes will look like new and with a lot of style!

How to iron on patches is easy to learn and do, just make sure you do it on the right fabric and then let it cool so it doesn’t come off.

Customize your clothes with this simple 5-step tutorial, you won’t regret it!