How much does a hoodie weigh?

How much does a hoodie weigh

“How much does a hoodie weigh?” It is a question that we do not ask ourselves every day, but without a doubt, it always comes up when we have to pack a suitcase for a trip or if you have to send a mail order if you are dedicated to online sales.

However, if you are wondering how much does a sweatshirt weigh, you are in the right place to find a quick and correct answer.

Read on to find out!

How much does a hoodie weigh? Different types of hoodies!

The weight of a sweatshirt may vary depending on the fabric, the size of the sweatshirt, and whether or not it has a hood or other accessories such as zippers.

If you are looking for comfort and softness, bet on cotton. But if you want workout clothes, go for a polyester hoodie, and if you want to be on trend, go for knit.

Sports hoodie

This type of sweatshirt is lighter and more breathable, so its weight is significantly lower, it weighs only 200 grams or 8 ounces.

Its fabric is made of polyester and is special for sports, it maintains your body heat and being light, you will not have to carry an additional weight.

Zipped Hoodie

This type of sweatshirt has the added weight of a zipper, and therefore will weigh a bit more than a regular sweatshirt.

The weight of the zip-up hoodie is around 700 grams or 24 ounces, but as we said before this amount can vary depending on its size.

This type of sweatshirt is usually widely used on trips both for its comfort and for its warmth, you can wear it open if you just want to protect yourself a little or closed to be really warm. It may not be enough for snow, but it’s certainly a great option for fall or cool summer nights.

Knitted wool sweater

And lastly, in case you’re wondering how much does a sweater weigh, you should know that wool sweaters are lighter in weight, but just as warm.

Its weight is around 400 grams or 14 ounces, although like the previous sweatshirts its weight can vary depending on the weight of the wool.

You can also use this online weight converter to calculate weight in grams, kilograms, ounces, etc.

Pack it up, just in case!

Now that you know how much does a hoodie weigh, take a hoodie with you on your trip because you may need it.

Remember though that these are average weights. Your specific hoodie may vary in weight by having a zipper, extra thick fleece for warmth, or even no sleeves. All of these factors alter weight.

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