How big is 18×24 and how this size can be used in your life

When we talk about graphic design, we know that there are many factors that can modify the effect every has on the viewer.

Colors, positions, shapes and typographies can cause a completely different impact. These variables are used in favor of the designer to achieve different aims.

Design can make customers desire your products and hate the competitor’s, audiences feel compelled to watch your movies and even install ideas and ideologies on the public.

Another important factor in making an attractive piece is size. One of the most popular sizes used by graphic designers is 18 x 24 inches, but how big is 18×24 exactly?

How big is 18x24?

If you don’t use inches as a standard unit of measurement, let us tell you that 18×24 is the equivalent of 45.7×61 centimeters. In both cases, it is important to highlight that this size has a 3:4 ratio, which will make your piece not too tall nor too wide.

Why is this size so popular?

For prints, 18×24 is a popular size because it’s the perfect medium size that can attract the attention of the audience without being too overwhelming.

This would allow, for example, to have several art pieces in a single room without looking overcrowded. It is one of the most used formats for movie and festival posters.

However, it is not so widely used for printing photographs, as it is not one of the standard sizes for photographic paper.

If you want to make a picture with this ratio, you will need to print it and later crop it or mat it. But what is matting?

Have you ever seen how some pictures are put into a bigger frame and there is a space between the picture itself and the frame? Well, this space is called a mat, and it can go from very thin to very wide.

Mats are an option that can give you a smaller picture or a different ratio without really having to cut the art piece.

But what size do I need if I want to get a frame for 18×24 print? It is up to you! Of course it should be at least the same size, so that you can tuck your piece in it, but you can go as big as you want.

How can I tell if the art I’m buying is in the 18x24 frame size?

If you do not have a movie poster to compare and identify a 18×24 size in your print, worry not! Prints are not the only object available with this size.

It is actually used for many things that you can find at home or at a stationers.

Colored cardstock and some cutting mats are 18x24

If you are acquainted with handicrafts, then you know very well how big a piece of colored cardstock is.

This thick paper is widely used for creating colorful pieces, especially at school and kindergarten.

Moms are usually requested to buy some cardstock sheets for their kids to cut and create beautiful pieces and shapes.

If you measure this piece, you will find out that it is exactly 18×24. Besides, medium-sized cutting mats also have these measurements.

If you don’t have a cutting mat, you should get one! They are really cool for handicrafts, as they provide a safe surface you can cut on without damaging your tables or desks.

Your computer probably has a 18x24 CPU

Computer CPU’s usually follow a standard manufacturing guideline to be made with a 18×24 size.

This is because you can buy your own components and renovate your computer yourself, and to do so, you need to make sure all the components are compatible.

You are supposed to be able to buy any computer component knowing that any of them could fit into the CPU. So, if you have a desktop computer at home, you can look at it as a guide to identify how big is 18×24.

What else can I use the18x24 size for?

If you are not into painting and are not looking for a picture to hang on your walls, this article can also help you find the perfect size for other things you might want to buy or create.

For example, it can be useful for:

  • mirrors
  • whiteboards
  • gift bags

Why is an 18x24 mirror good for your looks?

This size come in handy for your bedroom or your bathroom, especially if you don’t a lot of free space on your walls to hang one.

This size not so big, yet it could allow you to see the reflection of your whole body.

You can use it to do your make-up, paying attention to the smallest details, and also see how well it suits the rest of your outfit.

A perfect whiteboard for planning your day

Again, this size can be perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your walls but need a whiteboard to organize your activities for the day.

This size is big enough to write down the groceries you need to buy, the chores you need to fulfill and even the elements you need for crafting projects!

Remember, it’s always fun to decorate your whiteboards with stickers and magnets.

A gift bag for an important present

If you have a birthday party coming soon or you need to wrap some Christmas present and you don’t know how to, you can always get yourself a good old gift bag.

You can either buy one at the stationer’s or you can get some wrapping paper and make your own! [Here you have a tutorial in case you decide upon this option].

Whether you make it yourself, or buy one at a store. If you have a big present to wrap, an 18×24 bag can do the trick.

It’s perfect if you want to gift a big toy for a kid, a pair of shoes in their box, and, especially, a picture or painting.

We hope that we have helped you with a few examples to notice how big is 18 x 24 and that you can find a useful way to bring these tips to life.

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