30 Home Decor Things You Can Make with a Cricut Explore

When it comes to DIY home projects, nothing makes them easier (or more fun) than a Cricut Explore. The possibilities for spiffing up your current décor are endless with this magic cutting machine!

I have gathered some of my favorite ideas to get you started and help you transform your space.

1. Custom Wall Stenciling

Any stencil you can imagine – whether it’s baby elephants for nursery walls or tropical flowers for a big statement in a half bathroom – is possible with the Cricut machine.

2. Custom Pillows

Changing your pillows is one of the easiest ways to refresh your décor throughout the year. With a Cricut Explore, you can easily customize basic throw pillows for everything from holidays to family monograms.

blue and white throw pillows

3. Custom Wall Signs

If you want to do more than just “Live, Laugh, Love,” you can make your own fabulous wall signs with your Cricut maker machine. Incorporate a favorite family saying, a simple one-word inspiration, or even a simple date that has significance to your tribe.

letter board quote hanged on wall

4. Ceiling Medallions

A ceiling medallion adds a touch of elegance and glamour to light fixtures in dining and living rooms (and even bedrooms, too!)

5. Spooky Halloween Silhouettes

Your neighbors will be wowed by your Halloween décor when you add spooky silhouettes made with your Cricut Explore.

6. Holiday Wreaths

A custom wreath will make your front door stand out during the holidays. Just start with a wreath form and let your imagination (and Cricut Explore) do the rest!

7. Printed Roller Shades

Basic white roller shades are inexpensive and boring. You can transform them with cheery and colorful designs using your Cricut Explore. (Consider some glow-in-the-dark elements for a fun surprise in kid’s rooms!)

8. Vinyl “Tile” Backsplash

The tile backsplash is the hallmark of kitchen upgrades everywhere, but it can be costly and time-consuming, and difficult for DIYers to pull off. Using your Cricut to make a vinyl backsplash design is a great way to achieve the same great effect without the expense and headache.

9. Wall Flowers

Jazz up plain, boring walls with vibrant felt or paper flowers made using a Cricut. This is a great way to brighten up dull winter days.

10. State Silhouettes

Keep your state pride on display with a framed silhouette or take it a step beyond by framing the silhouettes of every state your travel-loving family has visited.

11. Stair Tread Designs

Stairs can be overlooked in home décor, but the stair treads are a great place to stencil a design or add a fun burst of color. If your stairs are in an entryway, this really makes a fun first impression for visitors.

multicolored stairs

12. Bookcase Designs

The backs of bookcases can also be overlooked in design, but a quirky pattern or colorful stencil can make them eye-catching features of any room.

13. Pennant Banners

A pennant banner is a unique way to honor a special occasion, or a plain, brightly colored one can hang year-round in a playroom or teen’s bedroom.

14. Concrete Rug

Stenciling a “rug” on a concrete floor is a quick and easy upgrade for living spaces and a wonderful way to warm up an otherwise dull space. You can use them to define “hangout” areas on large patios.

15. Vase ABCs

Inexpensive dollar store vases are easily updated with vinyl letters for a charming display.

16. Schedule Board

Make your family’s “command center” more organized by personalizing a dry erase board with some design flair. Cricut stencils or borders can turn a plain board into a work of art.

assorted color glue stick bottles

17. Lampshade Designs

Stenciled designs on a lampshade can be made using your Cricut Explore to upgrade your lighting quickly and inexpensively. This is a cheaper option than replacing with a new lampshade and can really transform one that is outdated.

18. Wall Art

Any room is instantly uplifted by art, and the Cricut Explore can be used to bring your vivid and creative designs to life. Geometric or Aztec-inspired designs are a great way to bring in bright colors to highlight your décor.

five posters mounted on wall

19. Felt Flower Displays

Felt flowers make any space (or vase!) cheery year-round and are ideal for those who do not have a green thumb.

women holding petaled faux flowers

20. Cutting Board

Add a unique touch to your kitchen counter by displaying a personalized cutting board (these make fantastic hostess gifts, too!)

21. Custom Charcuterie Board

For the cheese lovers in your family, create custom charcuterie boards with all of their favorites mapped out for a great appetizer display.

slice of apple and sausage on top of chopping board

22. Bulletin Boards

Basic home store bulletin boards can be transformed with the Cricut Explore. Add borders, stencils, or other designs to match your room’s décor.

23. Frame Collections

A group of mismatched picture frames can be transformed into a “collection” by spray painting them all the same color (metallics look great on frames) and adding a common Cricut stencil or embellishment to each frame.

24. Wall Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint can be framed with a vinyl Cricut border to make an instant wall chalkboard in a mudroom or playroom. These are fun for kids and also useful for parents to write weekly reminders.

multicolored stay home written on chalkboard

25. Kids Pillowcases

Personalized pillowcases add a touch of whimsy to children’s rooms. Use your Cricut Explore to add names, designs, and favorite sayings to basic white pillowcases.

26. Coasters

Coasters are one of the best elements of functional décor. We need them to protect furniture, but they can also be great pops of color and design in living spaces, and basic cork coasters can be updated with Cricut designs.

round patch on brown wooden table

27. Family Name Signs

Make a family name sign for your entryway to personalize your space, or create a sign detailing the date you moved into the home.

28. Street Numbers

The boring street numbers you inherited from a previous homeowner can be ditched in favor of something larger or brighter to make your home stand out from the street.

street numbers embossed on stone

29. Doormat

Basic brown doormats can be made over with any stenciled design from a Cricut, and you can rotate several in and out for the holidays.

welcome doormat

30. Bathroom Rules Sign

Bathroom wall art is a fun way to liven up small spaces, and you can also use it to reiterate particular rules your teenagers may forget to follow (Hang Your Towels!)