DIY String Lanterns in 6 Quick Steps

Want to add a boho chic touch to your home but don’t want to break the bank? DIY string lanterns in 6 quick steps is easier than you think! All it takes to make your own string lantern is some balloons, glue, string and a few cleaning supplies!

Extras can be added to the project later on depending how you choose to use your new décor. This is a great project for kids or adults. For more crafts for adults, check out this blog post!

DIY String Lanterns in 6 Quick Steps:

  • Step 1: Gather your supplies.

    You will need a few balloons for as many lanterns as you’d like to make. You will need a large spool of string as this will be the main material in this project.

    For a chic look you can use hemp string or twine, or for a fun twist, feel free to use different colored string! You will need school glue, Elmer’s will do. And finally, an old towel or paper towels and a paper plate to manage the mess.
  • Step 2: Blow up the balloons.

    The balloons will serve as a mold for the shape of your lanterns. Feel free to blow them up different sizes to create some dimension.

    Just remember that the bigger the balloon, the more string will be needed to wind and weave around it!
  • Step 3: Set up a glue station.

    Pour some of your school glue onto the paper plate. This part may get a little messy, and many methods will work, but the goal is to coat the string in the glue before wrapping it around the blown up balloon.

    A great trick to avoid too much extra glue on the string is to cut a slit in the side of the paper plate and trail the string through the glue, then through the slit to remove any excess glue before applying it to the balloon.

    Using your fingers works too if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty!
  • Step 4: Wrap your balloons!

    Choose a starting point for your glue covered string, start wrapping it around the balloon, and keep coating the string with glue as you go.

    While doing this step, be sure to criss-cross the string as you wrap each layer around the balloon, creating a bit of a web or birds nest effect.

    You may wrap as much or as little string around the balloons as you like. It is important to remember however, that too thin of a layer may not stay sturdy or hold its shape.

    The more layers of string, the sturdier the lamp will be! Another tip is that when wrapping the balloons, leave a small opening at the top of the balloon where the tied part is, so you’ll be able to stick your hand inside later on.
  • Step 5: Pop your balloons!

    Once your glue is dry, which takes a few hours or so, it is time to pop your balloons! In order to check if the glue is dry enough to go for it, you can simply touch the string with your hand. It should feel hard and brittle, which means it is ready!

    When you pop the balloon, it will deflate but the string will still hold the original shape of the balloon. Now, some of the balloon may stick to the inside a little bit.

    This is where that opening in the top comes handy and you can carefully remove any part of the balloon that is still sticking to the inside of your string lantern.
  • Step 6: Enhance and Enjoy!

    Now that you have your spherical string lanterns, you can display them however you want. You can use leftover string to simply hang them as extra room décor.

    You could even go the extra mile by adding LED lights or glow in the dark lights inside of the lanterns before hanging them so that they create extra ambiance.

    Whether it’s for an extra touch of flare or an extra source of light, these lamps are a fun and easy project to play with.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on DIY String Lanterns in 6 Quick Steps. Happy crafting! 😉