Can you use acrylic paint on fabric?

To get to this web page, you might have searched for “can you use acrylic paint on fabric?”in your browser.

You might want to paint some fabric, renew some garment or you simply want to experiment because you are in a moment of inspiration.

So if you have acrylic paint in your house and you are wondering can I use acrylic paint on fabric? you are in the right place to learn how to do it and customize what you want with a nice drawing. Let’s start!

Can you use acrylic paint on fabric

Can I use acrylic paint on fabric?

The answer is YES, it can definitely be used on different fabrics such as clothing, sneakers, tablecloths, pillows and more!

Acrylic paint is ideal for painting on different surfaces both for its durability, for the number of colors that exist on the market and for the ease of working with this material, which is why it is possible to use acrylic paint on fabric. Also, once it dries it is permanent and waterproof.

Essential materials:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Fabrics
  • Paperboard
  • Brushes
  • Clothes iron

Acrylic paint on canvas: tips and tricks.

man painting a fabric bag with acrylic paint
  • Tip 1: Can you use acrylic paint on fabric?

    As we said before, yes, you can use acrylic paint on fabric, but you always have to take into account the composition of the fabric that you are going to paint.

    It’s best to use a 100% cotton fabric as it picks up paint well, but you can try different fabrics to see if it works well.

  • Tip 2: Wash and iron, is it necessary?

    It is important to wash the fabric you are going to use before painting it. It doesn’t matter if the fabric is new or used, this first wash serves to remove lint, starch or prevent it from shrinking later (I’m sure you don’t want this to happen haha).

    Once dry, it is best to iron the garment to remove wrinkles that may distort the design you want to paint.

  • Tip 3: Colors and designs!

    You can paint freehand with acrylic paint (only for the brave) or draw with a pencil to capture your drawing, correct details and then paint it.

    Another way to capture your design on the fabric is to use an internet template with the drawing you want. This is useful if you have a character to paint or want to copy an artistic lettering design.
    Here you can find some ideas.

  • Tip 4: How do I start painting?

    To start painting, you can place cardboard or paper under the fabric you are going to paint (if it is a t-shirt, you can do it between the middle of the front and back) so that the paint does not transfer to your workspace or to another piece of fabric.

    As for the painting, I recommend that you load the brush with a small amount of paint and that you start by painting the outline and then fill in the figure, always with short and firm movements.

  • Tip 5: Convert acrylic paint to fabric paint

    Here you have several alternatives. You can use the acrylic paint directly on the fabric, although it will leave a slightly stiff finish.

     Another way is to mix acrylic paint with textile perfumer. Approximately the preparation will take a tablespoon of paint and a softener. This preparation does not need exact amounts but it is by eye.

    You can also find out how to turn acrylic paint into fabric paint without medium by clicking here.

    And finally, a professional way is to buy a textile medium and apply a few drops on the acrylic paint.

Now you are ready to paint!

As you can see, acrylic paint is very versatile when it comes to painting and therefore you can use it in countless things, it’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild.

I hope that this guide and tips for painting fabric with acrylic paint will help you when painting and that the inspiration in you will be inexhaustible!

And if someone asks you “can acrylic paint be used on fabric?” tell them the answer is YES and send them this post!