Amazing DIY Outdoor Summer Project Idea

Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces, which is why I am sharing this amazing DIY outdoor summer project idea. Just in time for summer, this fun and easy project will only take you about a weekend to setup.

Amazing DIY Outdoor Summer Project Idea:

Turn your patio into a swimming pool! Here, I revamped my patio by rearranging some furniture, adding an inexpensive above ground pool and re-using some indoor decor that had been put in storage.

Amazing DIY Outdoor Summer Project Idea

This above ground pool is on Amazon for $195. I like it better than blow-up pools because it is way sturdier and won’t pop or break with rough play. It is pretty easy to assemble as well if you need to take it down and move it. I assembled it by myself in under 2 hours.

You can also buy a filter, chlorine tablets, skimmer, and cover. I had picked up some bamboo fencing from Home Depot for $30.00. I got 2 bunches which was enough to create a cover on one side of the pool, hiding the pool from the house/neighbors. I kept the side facing the backyard open so I could gaze out.

I wanted a bar area to rest drinks and entertain so I dug up an old table from the shed and threw a cover on it. Any table could work as long as the height matches the pool height. This 6ft folding table works well. Pop it up right next to the pool and push it up flush against it. This will make a perfect and easy table for the pool!

Once you have the pool and bar table setup, you can add some more embellishments to your patio to really make it feel like a pool! I had a small table out front for someone to take and after a few days, I brought it back in. It’s an old CVS table that I bought at least 10 years ago that cost me about $20.00. Instead, I turned it into an outdoor pool station equipped with tubes, bug spray, suntan lotion and other pool equipment.

Create some ambiance by adding lighting. I had bought tiki torches for our housewarming party years back and never threw them away. I also didn’t set them out because I didn’t feel like refilling them with tiki fluid all the time.

But I wanted the fire/water element going by the pool, so I brought them out and zip tied them to the sides of the pool (zip ties are the best thing ever btw). I was going to get fluid but one night made an improvisation and used regular household candles. I am not turning back now. They fit perfectly inside, smell good, last longer, and are easier to deal with.

Location is important for the pool, that’s why I like using the patio. It’s close enough to the house that you can pop in and out to grab a drink, and you won’t tread grass into the pool. It’s nice to be able to look out onto your yard as well.

It’s not going to be perfect or super fancy but I promise you it will enhance your summer experience. It’s so nice to be able to just step outside and have a fun day already planned for the kids. I have come to the realization that the best projects aren’t going to look perfect or expensive. Spend less money and use what you already have or recycle what others don’t want.

When you do buy things, go for the best deal or go second hand. You don’t need to pay someone to come out and build a pool when you can DIY one yourself. That’s why I love this amazing DIY outdoor summer project idea.

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