What does tumble dry mean?(BEST DIY)

If you want to know “What does tumble dry mean?” and you want to learn how to use it in your washing machine, don’t worry because you are reading the right tutorial for you. 

First of all, “tumble dry” is machine drying. It is called “tumble dry” because the clothes spin in the tumble dryer drum, where the airflow, together with the heat, dries the clothes quickly.

Now I will explain to you step-by-step how it should be used in the right way so that all your clothes will be absolutely dry.

Let ‘s dry!

What does tumble dry mean

What does tumble dry mean? (Best DIY 2022)” 

Always try to take proper care of your clothes so that all your garments will last much longer and look perfect over time.

let’s see now what you need for ” what is tumble dry”

Essential materials: 

  • Tumble dry machine
  • Damp clothes

Step by step of “tumble dry low meaning”

  • Step 1

    First look for the drying symbol. It is usually a square with a circle inside. 

  • Step 2

    Then if you have your clothes in a washing machine, spin dry to remove as much water as possible (try not to put too wet clothes in the dryer, otherwise the drying process will take too long).

  • Step 3

    Place the clothes according to their weight so that they are balanced in the drum (do not put too many clothes on one side and not enough on the other).

    If possible, make sure they are of similar size, for example, jeans with jeans, shirts with shirts, etc.  

  • Step 4

    Before pressing “start” set the dryer to the appropriate heat setting. You can also refer to your machine manual for the time or setting you need. 

  • Step 5

    Take the clothes out of the dryer and if you want to hang them on the line for a while longer or if they are too damp, you can repeat the process with the dryer. 

And now you know all about “tumble dry meaning”!

tumble dry CYCLES CHART

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Don’t forget that you shouldn’t leave your clothes in the dryer too long because otherwise they will break down or the motor of your machine will melt.

Another detail is that some clothes can deteriorate when using the dryer, so you should read the label to see if they are suitable for drying or not. 

After using the dryer, always remove all the lint that remains, and if you see it wet inside, dry it with a towel or cloth (you can also leave it with the lid open for a few minutes to dry with the ambient air).  

I hope this “tumble dry low meaning” tutorial has helped you a lot! 

You can do it!