What Does Flatten Mean on Cricut? A Comprehensive Guide.

What does Flatten mean on Cricut?

The flatten tool is an amazing function within Cricut that allows you to turn multi-layered images and projects into one single layer. Cricut first and foremost is a cutting machine, so when you go to create a new project and select images from the Cricut database, it automatically assumes you will need to cut every single layer or image.

In some cases, however, you may just want to print a flat image and that is where the flatten tool comes in.

What does Flatten mean in Cricut design space?

To break it down with the actual program, the flatten tool in Cricut Design space is going to remove any cut lines from an image. It will make any multi-layered image into a single layer to print. Once you have printed the flat one-dimensional image, you will feed it into your Cricut to cut the actual image out.

The difference being that the Cricut will only cut the whole image, instead of separate pieces (or layers) that need to be assembled afterward. You will have a completely flat and finished image or project.

The Flatten tool is great for projects such as…

  • Stickers
  • Decals
  • Labels
  • Cards

Using the flatten tool is quite simple. All you need to do is select the image you want to flatten by clicking “select all”. Once the layers are all selected, you simply press the “flatten” button. Then viola, your image is now completely flattened into one layer to print.

The weld and attach functions are also helpful to know about when using the flatten tool. Because you want to create one flat image, “weld” and “attach” can help with this.

What does Weld mean on Cricut?

Welding literally means joining together. When you imagine a welder in your head, you may think of heating together different pieces of metal until they are united as one big piece. The same principle applies to welding with the Cricut, just with images.

This may be particularly helpful when you want a flat image printed to cut. You may want to weld different shapes together, then flatten them to create one image or project.

What does Weld do in circuit design space?

In Cricut design space, you can weld two or more images together to create one main image. Welding different shapes together will ultimately create a new shape. Then you can use the flatten tool to add more layers that will flatten together and print one shape.

What does attach mean on Cricut?

When you “attach”, you are telling the Cricut machine that you want everything cut on one mat in the position you assigned it. Projects are typically cut in “material saver mode” to conserve material. This is just a function of the design space program to help crafters save materials. But with the attach function, you bypass that.

What does attach do on Cricut?

According to the Cricut website…”Attach holds your cuts in position relative to one another so that images on the cutting mat are positioned exactly as arranged on the canvas.”

These 3 functions – flatten, weld, and attach, are some of the most important and basic tools you need to learn in order to be successful with your Cricut machine. For more beginner information, check out this blog post on how to use a Cricut machine.

Also if you would like more on what does flatten mean on Cricut, check out this tutorial by Kim Byers. She breaks down all the steps and explains the Flatten tool very intricately!

I hope you found this blog post helpful on what does flatten mean on Cricut.