How to make waterfall ribbon Christmas tree decorations

The most traditional decorations for the Christmas season include balls and lights, but there are many ideas you can think of to make your own decorations and achieve the most wonderful and original Christmas tree.

You can use pinecones, candles or even origami pieces and hang them from its branches, but you can also use simpler materials that you can find at home.

Let’s see how to make waterfall ribbon Christmas tree decorations with different patterns.

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How to make Christmas tree ribbon decorations

Adding ribbon to Christmas tree might be one of the easiest ways to decorate it, for example, by cutting pieces of ribbon and creating individual bows to hang around the tree.

We recommend making one bow without cutting the ribbon and then dissemble it to measure how much ribbon each bow takes.

Then, cut equal pieces of ribbon at once and create the bows. You can use wired ribbon for Christmas tree bow decorations so that they keep their shape along the whole season.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon using a different pattern

In case you don’t want to cut such short pieces of ribbon, maybe because you have plans to use it later, there are a few other ideas you can use to decorate your Christmas tree.

The options are creating straight stripes, a spiraling wrap or a waterfall ribbon Christmas tree decoration. Let’s see how to recreate these ideas.

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  • Getting everything ready

    You may want to use other kinds of hanging decorations, so we recommend applying them before putting the ribbon.

    Keep in mind that ribbon decorations might attract too much attention, so you may not want to overdecorate your tree.

    The only thing you don’t have to put up is the top ornament, not only because of tradition, but because you will need it to keep everything in place later.

  • Measure the ribbon

    Grab a roll of Christmas of ribbon and let a strip hang from the top to the bottom to see how long you need it to be.

    At this point, you may want to, not only measure from top to bottom, but going from the bottom to the top of the tree and going back down on the other side. This way you will perform even less cut along the ribbon.

  • Decide the type of decoration

    Now comes the time to see how you want to arrange the ribbon. You can simply leave it hanging in vertical stripes, you can twist them around the tree to create a spiral, or you can make a waterfall ribbon Christmas tree.

    To create the waterfall effect, leave the stripes hanging straight and tuck the ribbon a little bit in between the tree branches, every 10 centimeters. Your tree itself will look like a Christmas present!

  • Keep everything in place

    When you are done, use the top piece to secure the ribbons in place, attached to the highest branch in the tree.

Waterfall ribbon Christmas tree patterns might some of the most original and easiest to do! Do you know of any other ways to use ribbon on your Christmas tree? Let us know!