Melting crayons in oven – Recycle and Reuse

Crayons always break, wear out, and end up sitting unused in a box. What would you say if I told you that you can recycle and reuse melting crayons in oven?

Do you wonder how to melt crayons? In this tutorial I will explain step by step how you can turn your children’s old crayons into new homemade crayons to continue creating art or to make a nice gift.

Let’s get started!

broken crayons

How to melt crayons?

If you think that melting crayons is a difficult activity, let me tell you that it is quite the opposite. It is a perfect activity to do with children so that they learn to recycle and reuse materials. But be careful, the melting crayons will get very hot!

These are the materials you need for this tutorial:

  • Crayons
  • Silicone molds (or muffin molds)
  • Oven

Melting crayons in oven step by step

Before we start the tutorial steps, you should know that there are different ways to melt crayons. In this tutorial, we will use the oven.

Remember to take the necessary safety precautions for melting crayons, including protecting your skin from burns and protecting your workspace in case the melted crayon spills.

  • Step 1

    Gather all the broken, worn, unused crayons and remove the wrapper.

    When you have all the crayons you want to melt, cut them into small pieces so they fit well in your crayon molds.
  • Step 2

    Fill the molds with the pieces of crayons you cut, trying not to leave any empty spaces. You can do solid colors or mix and match them.

    To make the crayons more fun you can opt for molds with different shapes, children will love the new crayons in the shape of dinosaurs, hearts or letters, among others.

    If you don’t have silicone molds, you can melt the crayons in muffin tins by simply spraying them with oil before melting the crayons.
  • Step 3

    To place the silicone molds in the oven, you can hold them on a baking tray to make handling them easier and prevent the molds from spilling when the crayons are melted.

    Bake the crayons for about 10-15 minutes, or until the crayons have completely melted.

    If you still see unmelted bits of crayon in the mold, they are not ready yet.
  • Step 4

    Once the crayons are melted, carefully remove the pan from the oven and let it cool completely.

    You can put the molds in the freezer to cool faster, or leave them overnight to cool to room temperature and use them the next day.
  • Step 5

    Once they are cool and have hardened, unmold the crayons. If you have trouble because they are a bit stuck to the mold, you can put hot water on the silicone to loosen the crayon a bit.

Enjoy to color!

Now that you know how to melt crayons, enjoy creating new multi-color or single-color crayons to color as much as you can and want.

I hope that by now you are melting crayons in oven following the step by step of this tutorial.

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