How to make a macrame keychain? DIY tutorial

How to make a macrame keychain? DIY tutorial

If you are looking for a simple and fun hobby, I recommend that you follow this tutorial to learn how to make a macrame keychain. The possibilities are endless if you combine different knots.

Macramé is a technique that falls in love at first sight. The crafts that can be made with this method are incredible and are great for decorating the house, knitting clothes or making key chains, why not?

With this simple tutorial you can create a beautiful keychain to add it wherever you want. You can combine it with your favorite bag or carry it on your keys so you never forget it, it can also be a gift for your friends, simple but beautiful and made by your own hands, you can also dye them their favorite color.

Keep reading for the tutorial!

Macrame keychain diy

With just two materials you can make infinite combinations of knots to create wonderful macrame keychain diy.

So, if you are thinking about how to make a macrame keychain, here you will find a tutorial to make a macrame keychain and some useful tips to teach you everything you need to know.

Essential materials:

  • 6 meters of cotton cord for macramé (thickness 4mm)
  • Keychains closure
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard to hold the threads

How to make a macrame keychain? Step by step guide

With these materials and a little practice you can make the keychain braid in different shapes and sizes.

You can also customize them as you like, for example by dyeing the threads in a specific color or combining different colors, adding pearls or a pendant that adorns and accompanies the keychain.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Let’s cut!
Cut six pieces of cord, each 1 meter long.

Step 2: Lark’s Head Knots
Fold each piece of cord in half and attach it to the keychain with a lark’s head knot.

To make this knot you will fold the cord in half, wrap the folded end of the cord around the keychain, and then pull the ends of the cord through the loop of the folded end on the keychain to tighten the knot.

Step 3: Square Knots
Now we will make square knots, although they are easy to do, I recommend that you pay close attention to the explanation so as not to get confused with the laces.

To make square knots you should know that with the 12 pieces of cord, if you separate them, you have 3 sections of 4 cords each. There are 2 used as centers and then 1 on each side for tying the knots.

I have divided the explanation into two parts to make it easier to understand the step by step of this knot. The explanation refers only to the first section of 4 cords.

First, you need to place the left lace over the 2 center laces and under the right lace.

Next, you should place the right cord below the center laces and above the left cord. Pull hard to tighten the knot.

Second, you need to place the left cord over the 2 center laces and pass it under the right lace.

Then place the right cord under the 2 center laces and over the left cord. And pull hard to adjust.

These steps complete a square knot

Step 4: More Square Knots…
Continue making square knots. The format of the knots in rows is: 3-2-3-2-1

In the first row, you should have 3 square knots.

In the second row 2 square knots.

The third row again has to have 3 square knots.

In the fourth row, 2 square knots are repeated.

And in the fifth row, you just have to make a square knot in the center to start the triangular end.

 Step 5: Half Hitch Knots
This knot is another of the most used in macramé and here I will explain step by step how to do it.

To make this knot, you must first separate the 12 cords into two sections of 6 cords each, and take the right cord (the one at the end) to place it diagonally in relation to the other cords.

This cord (the right one) will be the guide cord, and all the knots on the right side will be inserted into it. The inclination that you give to this cord will be what determines the angle that the knots will form. For the left side, you must repeat the same process.

Next, take the next cord (in the direction of the center of the cords) and pass it over the guide cord. Then, you pass it behind the guide cord until it comes out completely and pull hard. Do the same thing again with the same cord and pull hard. This completes a half hitch knot.

Keep making half hitch knots with each cord until you reach the center.

Then repeat the same on the other side but in reverse. So all the knots on the left are tilted to the left and pulled out to the left.

Finally, make another half hitch knot in the center to combine the 2 sides. The final shape will have to resemble a V.

Step 6: And now… How do I continue?
You can optionally add another row of half hitch knots on each side.

You can also repeat the entire process, including square knots and half hitch knots to make a longer keychain.

Step 7: To finish
To complete the macrame keychain, you can make regular knots at the ends using 2 cords for each knot.

And finally, all that remains is to comb the cords to separate their threads and cut them to neaten the ends.

In the following video of how to make a macrame keychain, you can see other very simple and beautiful options:

If you made it this far, surely you have your macrame keychain ready to be used!

Now you can add your DIY macrame keychain to your purse, keys, backpack or wherever you want! It is a super beautiful accessory to carry everywhere.

I hope that this tutorial has helped you to answer your question about how to make a macrame keychain and that you have also had a fun time doing it.

Macramé is a technique that requires practice, so if you are not satisfied with the result, you can do it again, so keep trying! 🙂

And you already know that if someone asks you how to make a macrame keychain you can send them this tutorial ♥

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