How to hold yarn when crocheting (Best way)

Although we have seen our grandmothers and mothers knit for years, and surely they have wanted to teach us how to do it, for some reason we have not learned.

But don’t worry, with this guide and a little practice you will be able to make beautiful yarn fabrics to use at any time of the year depending on the type of yarn you use.

If you are a beginner in knitting, surely you have seen a video tutorial to learn how to knit, but when you do it, it is impossible for you to understand how to hold yarn when crocheting.

So if you would like to start knitting and you don’t know the correct way to crochet hold, without a doubt you are in the right place!

How to hold yarn when crocheting

Essential materials:

  • Wool
  • Crochet needle
  • Patience and practice 🙂

To start… How do you hold the crochet hook? 2 ways to do it

There are many ways to hold a crochet hook, because each person has their own style of knitting.

The important thing is to choose the method with which you feel most comfortable and that does not cause pain or fatigue in your hands.

However, since there are so many ways to do it, you should try several techniques to choose the one that works best for you.

But if none of these ways is comfortable for you, you should know that there is no correct method and that you may have your own way of holding the wool when knitting, one that suits you and is comfortable for you to spend hours knitting without ending up with pain in your hands.

The way you choose will depend, among other things, on how you hold the needle and the hand with which you prefer to hold the yarn, whether with the right or left hand, although no matter how the grip is, the result will be the same.

On the other hand, you should also choose the type and size of crochet hook that is most suitable for the project you have in mind to carry out.

The size of the crochet hook will depend on the thickness of the yarn you will use to crochet.


1. Pencil method

One of the easiest ways is the “pencil method,” which involves holding the crochet hook like a pencil. You must do it with your dominant hand.

If you are right-handed, you should hold the needle with the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of your right hand. The wool is placed in your left hand.

But if you are left-handed, you must apply this same technique but in reverse and the right hand will be in charge of controlling the yarn.

2. Knife method

Another way is the so-called “knife method” because the hand adopts the same posture as when holding a knife to cut food.

In this method, you will also need to hold the needle in your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, you put your hand above the crochet hook.

The index finger will be in charge of guiding your needle and the left hand will be responsible for holding the yarn.

If you are left-handed, you should apply this same technique but in reverse.

And now… How to hold yarn when crocheting?

If you want to learn how to hold crochet yarn here I will share the best way to do it.

Remember that there is no correct method and that you should try until you can choose which one suits you best so that it does not cause discomfort in your hands.

This is a very common, simple and easy technique to perform, in fact, it is the method that I was taught when I asked how to hold crochet yarn. Although you have different variants in your application the result will be the same.

I will explain this method to you step by step so that you can imitate it at the moment when you have to be holding yarn for crochet.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: We will start by wrapping the yarn, from the outside to the inside, on the little finger.

Step 2: Next, we will pass the yarn under the ring and middle fingers, and over the index finger. On the index finger we wrap the yarn again.

Step 3: Finally, hold the end of the yarn with your thumb and middle finger so that the yarn is taut enough to work easily.

In this video, you can watch a beginner’s guide on how to hold yarn when crocheting.

Finally… what is the use of knowing how to hold yarn when crocheting?

Learning to hold the crochet yarn is necessary to regulate the thread tension and the only way to do it once you have the technique is to practice.

Finding the right yarn tension for your project can be a bit tricky at first and is often one of the main reasons crochet projects go unfinished.

Tension is the force that we apply to the yarn when we use it, that is, the way in which we take the yarn out of the skein while weaving, and it is important because it will impact the final result of your project.

It doesn’t have to be too tight or too loose, when you pull the wool, it should flow smoothly. There should be no pulling or tangles.

If it is tight, the result will be somewhat smaller and stiffer than expected, but on the contrary, if the tension is very loose, it will be very large and with more visible holes.

How to hold the yarn

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Now it's your turn to create!

I hope that these tips have helped you solve your doubts about how to hold yarn when crocheting and about the crochet hook.

Do not forget that you should not give up, it is only a matter of practice and patience because nobody was born knowing how to knit. We have all been beginners and have been through the learning curve!

Try these methods and let me know which one works for you! ♥