The best daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important and meaningful days of the year.

Thousands of people mobilize, not only physically, but also emotionally, to meet and celebrate as a family.

While some people cook, others watch the parade, but the kids are often bored as there are no costumes, candy, outdoor decorations, songs, or gifts. This year you can make them participate in the organization by making daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants.

These easy Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers and preschoolers are a great way to make memories and keep them busy and happy in the meantime. Whether at daycare or at home, these activities will delight him!

Keep reading to discover the list of thanksgiving art projects!

What daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants can I do this year?

If you are looking for fun activities to do on Thanksgiving to entertain toddlers and preschoolers, you are in the right place!

These thanksgiving activities for kids are perfect for little hands, and they also make great keepsakes to display during many festivities. If you do these projects with your kids, I guess you’ll have as much fun as they do.

Tips for crafting with toddlers

When working with children, certain precautions must be taken so that they are not in any danger. To make these activities a pure moment of fun and happiness, I recommend you follow these tips:

  • Protect clothing by using an old smock or shirt so that the child can get dirty without a problem.
  • Use child-friendly materials. When buying art materials, keep in mind that their packaging says “washable” and “non-toxic.”
  • Prepare the work area so that your child knows that he is only to work there. Use a plastic or paper to cover the table and floor if necessary.
  • Prepare all the materials before you start to avoid losing interest or getting impatient with waiting.
  • Allow him to access the materials in order to carry out the project. As a young child you will have a hard time deciding what to use if you have a lot of materials at your fingertips. If he is an older child, leave them at his disposal so that he will know in which order to use them.
  • Be flexible, let the child enjoy the activity and explore the materials. Encourage them to feel good about their project and don’t tell them that they did it wrong.
  • Remember that the craft is your child’s. Do not limit his creativity, if he wants to do something different from what is indicated, let him try. If he asks for your help, don’t deny it.
  • Picking up materials, putting them away, and cleaning up is part of the craft and can be fun for your kids if you let them help you. They can do it by singing some song or dancing in the meantime.

Now, get out the materials and let’s start with the daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants!

Nature Inspired Activities

In this list you will find 3 activities that you can do with your child with elements that you find in nature.

daycare thanksgiving crafts_
  • Pinecone Turkey

    On a walk outdoors with your child, collect some pinecones to transform them into a beautiful turkey. Use a glue to decorate with some colored feathers, you can buy them or make them out of paper or plastic and paint them. Add a pair of eyes and you’re done!
  • Tree of Thanks

    Collect some tree leaves and make a tree design on paper. Glue the leaves together and leave enough space for your child to write what they want to be thankful for under each leaves. (Optional: instead of collecting natural leaves, your child can draw them on paper, cut them out and then paint them).
  • Autumn Leaves Collage

    For this collage you will need to collect dry leaves from the trees, contact paper and masking tape. Tape the contact paper to a window or wall (sticky side out) and let your toddler or preschooler tape the collected leaves to the contact paper.

Activities with paper and recycled materials

This list of activities includes materials such as recycled paper of different colors and textures, colored pencils, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, etc. Choose the materials you have at your disposal to make them.

thanksgiving crafts for infants
  • Turkey with ice cream sticks

    Begin by painting a bottle cap brown. Then glue it to one end of the ice cream stick and to the back side glue some colorful feathers (you can buy them or make them out of colored paper).On the bottle cap, glue a pair of eyes and make a beak with a yellow piece of paper. If you make several designs, you can use them as a marionette or puppet.
  • Autumn Leaves Wreath

    For this project, use colored paper or paint old newsprint to make tree leaves in autumn hues. Then, glue or staple to a piece of string so you can hang the garland. Decorate a wall, a shelf, a window or a mirror with this beautiful leaf garland. On each leave, your child can add the name of each family member or write some thanks.
  • Gift bags

    Make this project as a small gift for your guests. Use paper bags and let your child decorate them however he likes, he can draw a turkey on them or stamp his little hands with paint. Place some candy inside, a drawing of your little son for each guest or whatever you prefer!
daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants

Have fun with your toddler or preschooler!

With these daycare thanksgiving crafts for infants, I am sure that you will keep your child busy for a long time. Fun is assured!

You can leave different materials at his disposal so that he can choose or offer them in order, the important thing is that he is encouraged to create with his own hands.

I hope that this list of thanksgiving crafts preschool will help you this year so that your child can be entertained and can enjoy the celebration with family and friends. 😉