5 Vinyl Hacks You Should Know

If you love using vinyl for Cricut projects, then you will enjoy this blog post on 5 Vinyl hacks you should know. These hacks will make your projects a lot easier! In fact, you may even be able to do more projects than you could before! Let’s dive in…

5 Vinyl Hacks You Should Know

  1. Once your vinyl design has come through the Cricut machine and is ready to be weeded, take some time to press it down onto the mat. Use the scraper tool to adhere the design onto your mat even more. This hack will save you a lot of frustration when weeding because it will help keep down the parts you don’t want to lift up.

2. In order for Vinyl to work in its best capacity, the mat surface that you are putting it on needs to be super adhesive. Sometimes oil from fingertips or even dust can stick onto the mats or materials and make them less sticky.

If you take a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and clean the surface before doing your project, it will do wonders for adhering your vinyl perfectly.

3. When using vinyl on rounded surfaces, like a mug project, there is an awesome hack you can do to help the transfer paper and vinyl design fit and stick. When working with rounded surfaces, sometimes it’s hard to get the transfer paper to fit correctly.

If you take your transfer paper and cut slits all around the edges, making sure not to cut into your actual design, it goes down super easy.

4. This is a transfer paper hack I have talked about before but want to mention again since we are talking about vinyl. Vinyl and transfer paper go hand in hand. You always need transfer paper to transfer your vinyl design onto the surface you want.

So, if you do a lot of vinyl projects, you probably use a lot of transfer paper. You can re-use transfer paper more times than you think. Before throwing out your transfer paper after a project, try re-using it until it no longer works. You will likely get 3-4 uses out of it.

5. If for some reason you want to remove vinyl from a project you are working on, there is an easier way to do it then just trying to weed it off. Let’s say you make a mistake and want to remove something.

Take a hair dryer and blow warm air onto the vinyl that you want to remove. While the vinyl is still warm, you can use your weeding tool to easily remove the vinyl.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 vinyl hacks that you should know. If you enjoyed this blog post, you may also enjoy 7 Cricut hacks you should know. Happy Crafting!