17 St. Paddy’s Day Crafts to Make with the Cricut

1. Frame a Shamrock Print

Print out a fun Shamrock that you find in a pattern and color that matches your home. Use the circuit to cut it out and glue it onto a solid white piece of paper. Frame it and use it as decor on a mantle.

2. “Lucky” Decor

Take scrabble tiles and spell out the work “Lucky”. Glue the tiles to a small piece of wood (cut from the Cricut if needed) so that it stands up. Use the decor piece anywhere in your home that you need a little bit of luck!

3. Shamrock Bouquets

Cut out 6 small shamrock shapes on different colored or patterned scrap paper that you have withy our Cricut. Glue them onto the ends of kabob sticks and add a button in the middle to resemble a flower. Place the sticks into a glass jar for a mini bouquet.

4. “Kiss Me I’m Irish” Banner

Cut out 6-12 pendant shapes on cardstock paper in a Green color or pattern of your choice with your Cricut. Create 4 labels with scrap paper that each have one word of the phrase. Then on the middle 4 pendants, glue each word in order to create the banner. Hang across a window or mantle!

5. Shamrock Wreath

Have the Cricut cut 50 shamrock shapes in varying sizes and colors. Take a embroidery hoop and hot glue the shamrocks all around the hoop, alternating colors and sizes. Hang the wreath somewhere inside your home for the month of March.

6. Lucky Family Picture Frame

Using the Cricut, cut a large Shamrock. Once cut, take photos of your family and match the 4 different leaves to the photos. Cut and glue onto the different shamrock leaves. Frame and use for decor.

7. Potted Clover

You can plant clover in your home using a small pot. Use the circuit to make a “clover” label out of vinyl to stick onto the pot.

8. Shamrock Banner

Using the circuit, cut out 6-12 shamrock shapes in varying greens. Tape or glue each shamrock across a long piece of twine. Use this as a banner across your mantle.

9. Beer Labels

Create a festive beer label for entertaining. “Luck of the Irish”, “Oh So Lucky”, or “Lucky Brew” are popular and fun names. Use the Cricut to cut out the labels. Affix to beers.

10. Shamrock Straws

Using the circuit, cut out green 4 leaf clovers. Make a slit in the middle using scissors. Slip the slit shamrock over a straw for a festive and fun kid drink.

11. Clover Leaf Lei

Using the Cricut, cut out various shamrocks in different green patterns. Cut a slit in the middle of each and string through a green string. Tie off so that your kiddo can wear as a necklace or Lei.

12. “Lucky to know you” Labels

Cut out cute label shapes with the phase “Lucky to Know You”, using your Cricut. Stuff gold coins into small baggies and add the label to the bag. Give away as gifts to friends and neighbors for St. Paddy’s Day.

13. St. Paddy Day Photo Booth Props

Using the Cricut, cut out various shapes like a red beard, green top hat, and green mustache. Glue or tape kabob sticks to the back of each prop. Use when taking photos with your friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day.

14. Clover Place Cards

You can make simple place cards for a St. Paddy themed dinner using your Cricut. Cut small clovers in a light green and hand write your guests names. Place on each plate around the dinner table so people know where to sit.

15. Glitter Shamrock Decorations

Using green glitter Cardstock, have the Cricut cut various medium to large shamrocks. Use these as decor all over your home – in windows, on walls, etc. Group them into areas for a big impression!

16. St. Paddy’s Day Card

Use your Cricut to create a fun Shamrock themed card for friends and family. You can find a free template here.

17. St. Patricks Day Treat Boxes

Create treat boxes out of shamrock themed Cardstock. You can even include a shamrock shape cut-out so that people can see the treats inside. Here is a free pattern and cut file.

Bonus Idea:

St. Paddy Day stickers! Check out this blog post for the low down on how to make stickers using a Cricut.